Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates & 2010 Fleece Reservations!

First, the sheep just finished a big update on the website and etsy shop! Go sheep! Lots of new dyed, washed fiber, batts and roving! Happy to combine shipping between the two shops- just send the sheep an email! ;0)
It is that time of year again folks, David the Wonder Shearer will be shearing our sheep early next week- Yeeha! We are taking fleece reservations but please remember, we do NOT sell entire fleeces right off the sheep. I spend hours sorting fleeces so you only receive the best parts of the fleece- and remember, you have to share with me (oink snort)! ha!
Fleece Reservation Information:
1) Email reservations to , all reservations will be first come first served basis.
2) Please cruise the sheep pages to get an idea of who might fit into your project ideas fleece wise.
3) We will be selling our fleeces for $10 per pound.
4) I am THE fleece person here so it takes time for me to sort the fleeces out to my satisfaction. As I get the fleeces sorted, I will email you and let you know what is available from each fleece. You are not obligated to make a purchase, we understand things change, and you are not obligated to purchase the entire amount available. You get first dibs and any left over for sale will be offered to the next person on that sheep's list. ;0)

5) If you reserve multiple fleeces, we are happy to hold the fleeces here and send them all at once to save you shipping dinero, however, we will be billing you for the fleece that IS sorted and ready to go-the sheep always need Fruit Loops- tee hee! When all of your reservations are ready, we will add the shipping charge at that time.

6) Please remember, I love sorting the fleeces out and do take my time. I try to be timely getting your fleeces on their way but again, it is just me getting them ready, and even if I were quicker, it still takes time! I will keep you posted on all fleeces and appreciate you letting us know if you have any concerns, questions or your plans change!

The sheep send you happy smooches- and I am hoping to get some before pictures- we have a few fleeces almost dragging the ground out there! GIDDYUP! Smooches!

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