Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Whew! Shearing- what a ride!

Shearing day is always an adventure- combine good sheep, great shearer and even greater weather- and wa-la! Going to let the pictures tell this story today.... Above- Annie Romney needs a haircut- and yep, she is very trim under all that- LOTS of wool!
Annie waits patiently with her friends for her turn- but wait, what is that we hear????

Whaahaaaat? Snowy had twins about an hour before shearing!

Snowy retired here from McNair's flock last month, we don't breed our sheep but the possiblity was there with Snowy. Surprise! Two little black lambies- one boy, one girl! What a special treat- I love lambies!!!
Lunch break- lotsa fleeces- and a cute Angel Rambouillet gal- hanging around for Fruit Loops and hugs....
She wants her fleece back- is this it?

No haircuts for me thank you- just fill up my squooshy bed again- yey wool!

End of day- even more fleeces! Giddyup!

Angel is still supervising, watching her calories with Diet Coke- but I wonder if the sheep had a Rum & Diet Coke party planned for later? Not sure- didn't get an invitation!
Let the sorting begin- yeah! Have the fleeces in the wool shed (once known as the garage) so now working on sorting fleeces out for everyone.... This is Savanna's Lincoln/Romney cross fleece- available on the website this week. Let us know if there is a certain fleece you are interested in- and thank you for all your patience during the 'ride' of shearing week! Smooches from the naked sheep!

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Taos Sunflower said...

What great pictures. I love Angel looking for her fleece. LOVE the lambs. LOve the fleece...SIGH...