Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you have room for my friend's sheeps?? ;0)

Hello all! This is a picture of our very own Baaxter the Romney (he is not looking for a home though!) who is family to my friend's flock of Romney sheep. Most of you are familiar with our Romneys, who all 'sprang' from another friend's infamous flock- the McNairs!
My friend started her small flock out with sheep from McNairs and all are healthy, soft fibered, well cared for and loved. Changing family circumstances are forcing my friend to sell her beloved flock- an incredibly difficult decision for her to make. I cannot imagine having to go through this- I am so sad for her.
A few of the sheep are going to retire here with us, leaving about 25 sheep (most pregnant due in April) left to sell/re-home. Her goal is very very good homes where she will know the sheep are happy and safe.
If you would like more information about the sheep, please email us ( and I will put you in touch with her. This is something she never thought she would EVER have to do so we want to help her as much as possible. If you were ever thinking of a few sheep for a spinner's flock, starter flock or of course, PETS, this group of sheep would be perfect in every way! (no enabling here right? ha!)
Thank you for stopping by and I hope through our Homestead grapevine we can find some peace for my friend and wonderful homes for her sheep.... Smooches....

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Johanna said...

I wish I had my farm already. We have decided that in Oct we will move to Kentucky and find a place to start our farm.