Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is in a name??

Well, we think fun, karma and magic! Our first ever sheep Woolamina, aka Mina.... (above)

Our Baaxter the Romney sheep......

Our Baab Hope the Lincoln cross sheep....

Our Obama Llama....... (Jenny has a llama named Barack O'Llama)

Our Dalai Llama......

AND, our Cassper Honkey Donkey! My husband is great at coming up with names- our goats are known as the Spice Goats and here are a few names I love for the future (and credit given to anyone I copied them from- just such fun and inventive names!! thank you!)
Assley (Kath's Donkey)
Guardenia (Kath's other donkey)
Don Keyhote (Don Quixote sp?)
Our Vincent Van Goat (lamancha goat with elf ears)
Como Se Llama (can you say llama?)
Humphrey (our camel friend in KY)
Pig Newton (pot belly pig)
And I just saw there is a farm out there named Alpacaholic? Too too fun!
Hope you are all enjoying your week- yarn update planned for this weekend and our regular fiber update on Monday! Hope to see you there and thank you for stopping by! Smooches from the Soggy Bottom Sheep! (raining non stop today? ugh)

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