Monday, May 19, 2008

Update done & sunny DRY days!!

Yep, we got sun! Almost forgot what it looked like that is for sure! ha! And what have the sheep been up to?? Spinning yarn, updating the website and even some outdoor reclaiming of our poor yard--and using the term yard loosely! I even got a start on the painting of the new cement outside (foundation)! Had to wrestle the paint brushes away from the sheep--they had some very odd ideas of what to paint instead of sand stones! Naughty sheep!

The new look of the foundation WILL be sand stone--just don't like the look of the new cement on our 150 year old farm house. Has to look like it belongs here so off with its head I say. I am taking before, during and after pictures so stay tuned for more of that story--have the stones painted on, just have to shade them and add the finishing details--need a little warmer day and we are off to the races!

Remember, if you need a certain yarn spun, we are always happy to get you set with some fantastic yarn--we can spin our fiber or yours so keep us in mind!! You can also see some of the yarn I spun up lately on our new custom spun yarn gallery--too fun! Spin spin spin!! Happy fiber art--another update this weekend--yey sheep for getting back into a routine!

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