Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Teaching an old dog new tricks?

No, not THOSE dogs! I am the one learning new tricks--thanks to Mandie & Holly--who are determined to drag my hinder out of the digital dark ages--they treated me to a new digital camera-they SAID the sheep wanted them to shop for me for Mother's Day??! Stinkers! And they were kind enough to get one that is PINK with part of the proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Reasearch--and one that they both have so they can bail me out if need be! Thank you two, you are the bestest! SO, of course I am running around learning to use the camera, and these are the first three that Ross took. He is so techno-savvy! Mucho more than me and he is a great teacher or I would be on the phone to Florida or Australia every two minutes! Watch out girls! I am just too overwhelmed with the gift but am enjoying figuring it all out--even splurged on a light box so watch out for new pictures and fun on the site for sure!

The dogs are such a hoot, Libby (one of our two border collies) is deaf, very watchful but is not so worried about what I am doing--as you can see! Buddy Schnauzer was napping peacefully on the couch when the flash woke him up--he only opened his eyes like 'hey, what the heck'?? And Calvin the Jack Russell was out enjoying the sun, but when this was snapped had obviously had enough and wanted in..... Too fun!

The sheep updated the site today in between happy grass eating so be sure to browse about! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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HollyEQQ said...

Welcome to the new millenium!
We hope you like it and the new transition doesn't bog you down too much. Once you get used to it - you will so wonder why you didn't do it AGES ago!

Lazy Ass wants you to know that he had NOTHING to do with that camera cause he HATES the flash. He says he doesn't mind getting his picture taken because he is very handsome after all and it pleases his adoring public - but only during the daylight please. He hates the flash and only puts up with it if there is a cookie involved.
Big hugs and happy Photographin....
Holly and Lazy Ass