Monday, May 12, 2008

No Cancer for Holly--hip hip hooray!!

Have you heard the news??? Recently we gathered together a talented group of fiber artists to create our "Circlin' the Wagons' fundraiser for our friend Holly . Generous generous people helped fund the trips she will need to get a serious surgery that will help her be over some health issues.

Part of the scare for Holly (and all of us) was she had a mass on her liver that the doctors thought might be cancer. After yanking Holly's chain since January, the verdict is in--NO CANCER! Yey! Now Holly can get that double surgery scheduled and get on with her life. She is happy but of course dreading the surgery but she continues to take comfort in all your good thoughts and the generosity that has taken away the financial fear of having to be away from home for surgery. We wish her well and please visit her site for more updates. For now, YEY YEY Holly!!!

Update Wednesday this week so be sure to stop in! Toodles!

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