Thursday, February 01, 2007

Bella Needs a Home!

We received an email from a friend of our family--she lives near my little sister in Chicago and is a peach. She works in rescue and helps some needy dogs find good forever homes.

Bella was found in Nashville, starving and alone. Althought her first pictures are difficult to view, please trust that she is now in very good hands! You may remember my sister's dogs Mason and Livi--yep, from the same rescue efforts!!

Here are the words of her wonderful rescuer's email: 'Bella is a 6-10 month old pit mix who is disease-free, and now vaccinated and microchipped - just SEVERELY underweight. She currently weighs 25 pounds, and should probably weighat least 35 pounds. She got along splendidly with the house cat at the vet's office, and seems to love other dogs as well (we will test thisout again after she gets a little weight on her and is more herself, but she was being boarded in the same run as a shepherd mix at the vet's office and got along just fine.

Last night and this morning she met about 10 different dogs and was extremely happy and friendly each time -even when the little cairn terrier snapped and snarled at her!). She is so loving, and just grateful to have been rescued. She also appears to be housebroken, but anyone taking her in should expect an accident or two just because of all the changes that have happened in her life! If you are looking for a new pet for your family, or you can thinkof others that you might know who you can forward this to, I would behappy to talk to anyone who is interested in discussing adopting Bella. I'm happy if she finds a home in Chicago, but I"m also willing to drive her back to Nashville for the right home. I am attaching the photos from last Monday right after I found her - she literally was almost starved to death, so they're a bit painful to lookat...I'm also attaching photos from last night..she is very tired, as you will see from the photos!

SO, while we wish we could take Bella in (still pondering as a friend for Libby our deaf BC), we are hoping to at least help find her a happy forever home. She is sweet, beautiful and in need of someone to call her own. Can you help??? If you know of anyone, please email and we will put you in contact with her person!

(*Please note there will be very strict guidelines that will be attached to this adoption-- she deserves peace now and the guidelines only serve to help us insure her future happiness.)


HollyEQQ said...

OH MY GOD. Poor baby! What a good thing she found her. What a dumplin'. Pits make the best dogs and people always look at me funny when I say that - like didn't you know they eat kids? Idiots.
Is that a handmade sweater I spy?
Poor little dear - looks like she might have found a forever home in the picture - she looks happy right where she is on the couch! :)
I hope someone has snatched her up already.

Holly said...

she is SO beautiful! and hooray! a raffle!!