Saturday, February 03, 2007

Baby It's COLD Outside!

WHEW! It is colder than we've seen it for years here in WI! Guess that is what I get for walking around saying we have 'sissy' winters huh? Ugh! It is wind chills of 30+ BELOW zero today and we are in for it for a few days yet....

Will be heading off shortly to spin some yarn in front of our corn burning stove for sure! AND feeling guilty for our friends outside--even though they assure me they are fine and in their warmest hide outs til this is all over.... :0)

I added some new yarns this morning and am planning a pretty big site update this weekend. We have a 'designated' charity again--we lost ours when OohMahNee (in Pittsburgh, PA) had to close its doors after Katrina hit LA. You may have read about Checkers in a previous post-- very fun things to come that are going to help him and his long term resident rescues! Keep an eye out, hoping to get it all together tomorrow!

Also have a fund raiser we are going to hold a raffle to benefit breast cancer research--my two sisters have signed up for the Avon walk (the LONG one!) in Chicago this summer. The sheep are totally ticked that they cannot drive down for the walk so we are brewing up a raffle to appease them--and keep them from stealing our truck keys that weekend! Hope you are all warm--more updates this weekend as I get the new 'stuff' posted on the site!!!!

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HollyEQQ said...

Oh good - I just sent you an email but I see you posted today. I was getting worried that I hadn't heard back from you.
Site update huh? I need to do that too but I need better I am waiting for the sun to come out of hiding.
Bought abilene a coat today cause he is freezing his little tucas off.
Hope ya'll are well.