Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank You Joyce!!!

Isn't this the greatest??? Meet our talented new friend Joyce who drew this great picture in her journal after visiting our site! Absolutely love it! The only draw back is that it 'rats me out' for my online shopping! However, can't wait to see the new head board lamp for some late night reading--you know, for those of us who seem to never sleep??? :0) You can check out more about her on her blog by clicking on the picture....

Thank you all too for your generosity with the February sheep raffle! They are SO happy and have raised $172 to date to support Breast Cancer Research through the Chicago Avon Walk. Thank you and keep an eye on our Avon page, lots of new items will be appearing and new raffles each month--never know what these sheep are up to you know!

Hope you are all WARM and safe--our thoughts are with people dealing with the weather extremes! PS- no more talks from ME about sissy winters ok? Promise!! ha!


martieintaos said...

I believe that if we all join together, we CAN see the end of breast cancer in our lifetimes. Wish I could walk proudly with your sisters!

HollyEQQ said...


Just a quick note to say I hope you are feeling better. I am also getting the crud again but that is because the weather keeps going up and down.
I hope you feel good and it is a beautiful day. I wanted to tell you how pretty dreamin(the coltswold lamb) is. I am soooo in love with that stuff right now. I want it by the kilos!!! I did up five pounds last weekend and I know it just isn't enough. I carded up 4 batts last nights in some fuuuunky colors and I can't wait to go home and card some more. The coltswold makes them airy and soft without the fuzz of mohair. There is something about that fiber that really is appealing to me right now. between that and the suri, I am sold.
Have a great day.