Saturday, November 18, 2006

Welcome Old Stage Alpacas!!

We are so happy to be able to sell some great Alpaca fiber for our good friend Jen! She has a wonderful place and spends her time with her purchased and rescued Alpacas! They have acres and acres to romp happily and are now safely home....

All the proceeds from the sale of the fiber will go directly to the flock's care. We will be offering colored Suri and Huacaya fleeces that range from no debris all the way to some that may need some extra work--they are all stunning! If you are searching for a specific color, please email, we have lots here to tempt you with!!

There are already several fleeces added to the site today so have a look! Her prices are very reasonable! Hope you all checked out the yarn museum? Lots of great categories to submit pictures for--including finished items!!! More soon!!

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