Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving--Socrates style?

Happy Thanksgiving all! Today I am grateful for many things, including our family, sheepy family, our wonderful customers and friends. However, the greatest gift I could have received is actually living in my little laundry room ICU.

Some of you may have heard that we have been fighting to keep Socrates (our 6 month old Wensleydale lamb) from leaving us for 'greener pastures'. He has a unique dental problem that involved some tricky dental repairs by our very talented Vets Ray Pawlisch and Jason Mertens--and lots of tears and hope by us that we were actually doing the right thing for Socs.

I was not sure last night that we had done right by putting him through a surgery of sorts and expecting him to come out of it eating with his funky teeth--things were not looking bright at all for Socs. However, I got up again at 2 this morning to check on him, and the best sight greeted me ever! Socs had pulled his bag of Sun Chips off the shelf and stomped a bunch into his carpeting, tipped and played in his food AND was working on tipping his water bowl! Woohoo--very typical lamb behavior the little imp! He has finally decided that Quaker Oats are his 'thing' that he can eat lots of with out having trouble chewing.

This Thanksgiving day, we are hoping he has turned the corner and is going to be with us a long long time--what more could we ever ask to be thankful for?! Right now he is looking back at me like, 'hey, what's the big deal???'

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