Friday, November 10, 2006

New yarns posted!!! Fiber to follow!

Had some fun this past week plying some funky yarn! Both are available on the website, along with some other great choices--including our single ply Crazy Quilt yarns! The flowered yarn is a blend of our Treasure's Border Leicester wool, during carding Shari added white Scottish Black Face from our friend's flock, and some dyed orange Cotswold wool. Spun it into singles, then plyed it with a matching thread hand strung with lime green glass beads and pretty pansy flowers to top it all off! The second yarn is mystery wool that I spun, then plyed with a strand of wool yarn hand strung with seashells, seahorses, star fish, sand dollarsa and oh, of course sea colored glass beads! Too much fun! We will be posting dyed fibers and rovings this weekend so keep an eye out. The sheep are enjoying the cooler weather and we are expecting a light snow tonight--yee ha!

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