Thursday, November 16, 2006

Marshall Fields Display Sheep!

We recently received a sweet, wonderful gift from friends of my parents! This little family of sheep is one of only two sets of sheep created in Germany for a 1970's Marshall Fields holiday window display. Nobody knows what happened to the other set so this is the one and only as far as we know! Too cool! The wool is actually sewn onto fabric, then was added to the wooden bodies of the sheep--papa, mama and baby. Too cute! We plan to put them to 'work' modeling hats, scarves and shawls--specially since our family of sheep highly objected to the modeling and would not cooperate! Silly sheep! Watch for their pictures on the 3 Chic Knit page! Lots of new yarn heading for the site again this week, and some new dyed mohair fiber. Planning a day of wool sorting tomorrow so keep a good eye out! More soon!!

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