Saturday, November 25, 2006

Have you seen the new Spin Off???? News news!

We have more congrats to send to our friends Graham & Margaret Phillipson!!!! The most recent Spin Off magazine is hot off the press featuring an article about Cheviot sheep--complete with pictures of Graham & Margaret's North Country Cheviots, their working Border Collie Jimmy and a few Scottish Black Face sheep too!!

The NCC wool is definitely a favorite of mine and everyone who has tried it so far has had great feedback to report. We have Graham & Margaret's fleeces available on our website so be sure to try them out--we purchase them every spring and they generally do not last long!

Pictured today are several members of our own flock that have made their way here from G & M! left-to right-Frasier, a sassy British Suffolk cross; Brenden, a curly Blue Face Leicester cross; Casey, a beautiful North Country Cheviot girl; and Jim's little Devlyn, a Scottish Black Face lamb!

There is a lot that makes the G&M sheep so special--including Scottish genetics from Europe, acres and acres of pasture and lots of special care.

I hear tell a future issue will feature the Scottish Black Face wool (and more Littledale sheep!), another favorite wool that is much more diverse than many think! We will keep you posted--for more about Graham and Margaret and their beautiful sheep, visit them at !

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