Sunday, June 25, 2006

Oh where oh where has my little goat gone???

Here is our newest little tag along from our trip to a sweet flock's home yesterday (pictured on right)! She is Miette, which is French for 'sweet little thing' and is our newest Angora goatie to join our flock! She was a no brainer on my part, as soon as I saw her looking so like 'cousin it' on the Adams Family TV show?! Her locks are lovely and she has a very thick forelock of locks that spiral down her entire face, leaving only her little pink nose for anyone to see--just beyond cute when she peeks out at you through that lash of locks! She is a little sad that she is no longer with her mama but I am working on gaining her trust so she can have--you guessed it-- her first every hair cut this week when she is more settled in! She is 6 months old and just a sweet teeny girl who we could not resist. We also brought home two little Wensleydale lambs - a true treasure to add to our spinners flock--more about them to follow.

The picture on the left is from our friends Carl & Becky's flock at Cold Valley Jacobs--not far from our farm. The picture is of Spot and she is just one example of the beautiful sheep we are offering fleeces from. The Jacobs at Cold Valley are happy little poopsies roaming on acres and acres of pasture and watched over by our friends--who have worked very hard to put together bloodlines that provide spinners with beautiful, beyond CLEAN, very soft Jacob wool. We are happy to be offering their fiber again this spring and you can find them on our unwashed wool page on the website... We were lucky enough to purchase our little Jonte Jacob from Carl and Becky and he is such a sweet sweet boy--don't miss out on the family of fleeces from CVJ this year--they don't stay around very long!

We have been busy sorting fleeces so watch for more updates as I get things 'caught up'--a constant goal I seem to always be reaching for--ha!

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James said...

What cute critters they are. I'm diggin the curly perm. Ha, Ha, what a nice crop of curls. : )