Monday, July 03, 2006

A few of our favorite links!

Almost the fourth of July already--where has our spring gone??? Not sure we really had one for a very long stretch! Got the thistles mowed (thanks to our wonderful neighbors) in the boys' big pasture and used the little weed sickle to get them gone in the smaller pastures this past week--big fun huh? The picture at left is one of my favorites, we have a little Bantie rooster who is blind in one eye. He has taken up residence with Kelly who babysits our lambs. I am not sure but he may think he is a sheep? Or that those are funny looking chicks he lives with--ha! The sheepie girl peeking around the corner is Brenna--she lost her mom early on so is living with us--and Warrick, our Border Leicester lamb given to me by a friend for my birthday. They are sweet poopsies and I love catching them so relaxed and sleepy!

I thought I would post some of our 'favorite' links today, I am sure I will miss a few because we have so many so please do not be offended if I do--these are some basic places that you can find inspiration, special fiber and more!

Handpun Revolution- the website/home of our friend Lexi Boeger--a very talented hand spinner/artist from California. Take a look at her book Handspun Revolution--I highly recommend it! (I hear tell book two is in the works?!)

Apple Hollow Fiber Arts - Home of our good friends Kathi & Jon--they offer a great variety of yarn, spinning, carding and weaving equipment, books and videos. If you are ever in Door County, Wisconsin--be sure to look them up! They have a wonderful shop in down town Sturgeon Bay that I hear is just the best place for, lessons, coffee, knitting, spinning, weaving and lots more!

The Flying Ewe- home of our good friend Carolyn--a great place to find exotic fibers, yarns and so many great goodies!

I am sure I will have more to follow so keep an eye out! We are in the process of updating even more wonderful wool to our site so keep an eye out! Anywhere from Jacob and British Suffolk to Merino, Icelandic and Corriedale wools are on the way.... Hope you all have a great long weekend with lots of sheepy/fiber fun involved!! The sheep and their Ryans

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