Sunday, July 23, 2006

Fun New Yarns!

Twisters and Lace--some combination! Been spinning lots of lace weight single ply for all of you that are trying out the new lace patterns that are available now--so many fun projects to choose from! The yarn pictured at left is from our Louis' soft Rambouillet wool. I dyed is some soft pinks and rose colors and then during carding had it blended with some softer than soft natural black Suri Alpaca fiber I purchased from a friend. It is so pretty and I could see a beautiful shawl or capelet from this yarn....

The yarn pictured on right is my new 'twister' yarn. It is spun as a single ply, the core fiber is spun and at the same time 'wrapped' with other pretty novelty threads and sparkles. Too fun and it knits up beautifully!

We will have new roving available soon from our Sophie Beatrix (natural black/bay Rambouillet girl) and her brother Louis (creamy white Rambouillet). Their wool is much more like Merino and has been pindrafted into easy to spin roving. The natural colors are carded side by side-- can't wait to get into my part of that run!

We just completed a new 'assisted living facility' for our four oldest goaties yesterday. After a day in the sun (thank goodness for less humidity and a breeze!) we got their new chalet assembled in a sheltered, shady spot across the driveway from the house--next to the chicken house. They have their own pasture now and will be able to have specialty feed with MSM and Glocosimine added to help them with their arthritis. Vincent Van Goat (he has very teeny ears), his good friend Bella and two little Angora goats named Magpie and Shimmer are now living in luxury--food in front of them at all times and all the comforts they could want. Magpie has lost her front lower teeth (sheep and goats have no upper front teeth) so she needs more time to eat now days... Pictures to follow and hope you all enjoyed a sheepy, fiber or knitting weekend!

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