Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Llama Shearing Day!

Well here is the beautiful Chaquita--guardian of our little group of goaties here at the Homestead! She came to us from our good friends Kathi and Jon needing a job to keep her busy --and out of trouble! Suffice it to say she was much loved but she was not playing nice with their other llama Julia! She has been great for us, is very serious about her 'job' with the goats and this year she got an 'all over' shearing. She was very good while we waited, pacing the driveway waiting for our friends Jenny & John to get here to shear her--and our Dalai Llama. She actually can be a spitter when she is ticked but she only got upset when it came time to shear side two--so we were very proud of her patience! It only takes Jen and John about 20 minutes to actually shear them once they are securely tied so nobody (llama OR handlers/shearers) are injured. They have a magic tough with the llamas and I am always impressed with the kindness they show them.

Jenny is a dedicated rescuer of Alpacas and Llamas. She lives nearby and has been a friend for some time now. She had a little band of her own alpacas she started out with that has now grown to include many alpacas that needed a place to be. Some 'rogue' or naughty ( like the little black Alpaca that came with our Dalai who liked to shake sheep--not!) or just the unwanteds. Some have come from some very sad situations.

We are happy to announce that we will be selling the fleece from Jen's alpacas beginning this week (hoping to post them to the website tomorrow) so please keep an eye out for some beyond soft and beautiful fiber from very loved creatures at Jenny's farm--proceeds will go to help support the alpacas and llamas and their feed, medical and care expenses.....

Our first ever hay crop is cut and drying so it will be a busy weekend getting it all baled up and under cover! Pictures to follow this 'momentous' event--we have never had our own hayfield and the sheep spent many hours pouring over seed catalogs so we are anxious to see how things turn out! Off to work on the website!

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James said...

Ha, ha, Llamas are so funny. They seem to have quite the personality. If I had one I don't think I could resist the temptation to accessorize it. I'd want to dress it up like some people do to their Chi cha cha's. Too fun!