Sunday, June 11, 2006

La Quill Spinner!

This is my latest antique 'toy'! It is a quill spinner from Europe--brought here in a load of antiques by a friend's hubby a few years ago. It is very similar to a drop spindle, hand made and supported horizontally by the wood turnings. I am not sure exactly how old this is, but learning to spin 'off the point' was quite an adventure--and a skill I am continuing to attempt to master! The first skein of this yarn will be available this week on our website, it is a bunch of really neat looking, soft wools that I just added as I found them--in our signature 'crazy quilt' style!

Lots going on today at the farm, we have sheep to check feet on to see if they need trimming (any of our sheep with healed injuries, arthritis, etc need constant attention to their feet because they walk differently than uninjured sheep), 200 bales of hay to stack in the barn and lots of other odd jobs to mark off my to-do list. Also spinning more lash yarn to add to the site while I wait for the guys to get back home..... Hope you are all spinning lots of wool and creating with fiber this weekend!

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