Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Dressy Challenge!

Well, back to 'work' today, and here is what I am pondering at the moment! An innocent sequined and beaded dress I happened across at a local thrift store...... I am planning to incorporate this dress into a yarn believe it or not and spent an entire evening cutting the pretty designs (from only HALF the dress) into manageable (?) sections first. The flowers did not allow for strips to be cut from the dress so each part of the design is going to be a seperate piece. Hmmmmm. Not sure how this will shake out but should be great fun no matter what! I had the fun of some humid weather over Memorial Day weekend that allowed an entire three days of spinning yarn--including some new techniques--in between runs to the barn to keep the sheep cool and plenty of fresh water in front of them. The crazy quilt yarn on the left is just one of the new yarns on the site so be sure to go take a peek! More pictures soon! We have had a major run on fiber this week so don't be discouraged by the sold signs--we are dying wool like crazy people and as soon as it is dry, it will be available on the site--some will be posted today and probably every day this week! Happy sheep to all!

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