Friday, June 02, 2006

Almost the weekend already!

Well, as you can see, I missed a few night's posts due to my crazy life! Sorry about that! This is our Frasier lamb (pictured right side), his mama died when he was about 4 weeks old so we were lucky enough to adopt him from our friends Graham and Margaret. He is a British Suffolk cross and weighed in at about 5 pounds when we got him--he was/is the size of our mini poodle! He has finally decided to drink bottles (what a struggle that was!) and seems to be growing now. It is hard for me to tell because I see him every day..... He is best friends with our Warrick (pictured on left)--a black Border Leicester lamb my friend Laurie gave me for my birthday! What a wonderful gift, specially given my tendency to lean towards the Border Leicester breed AND the British sheep! Warrick is a BIG boy and his name in old English means Strong Leader--he is certainly living up to it! Frasier is an old English name that means Strawberry, which describes his color to a 't'. They are quite the odd couple, Warrick was born April 23 and is about 45 pounds already, Frasier is so much faster that he just runs right underneath Warrick to get to the bottles first! I LOVE those babies and can't imagine what I would do with out them-they are precious!

We are watching the new hayfield grow, just the right amount of WARM weather and rain so far--aren't we easily amused?? ha! Tomorrow I plan to post the 'before' pictures of a dress that will become some really fun yarn-- all sparkly, beaded, sequined and unique!

Today was a day of gathering painting supplies--I am giving my friend a housewarming present--I am painting her dining room tomorrow. She has left it to me to 'surprise her', which could be a mistake! I love color but will stick to a mural/faux finish for now. She likes the stones I painted on the wall behind our corn burning stove (that we heat our little cottagey farm house with) so will do something along that line around her windows and then since we are painting panelling, I plan to pull off some faux wall paper too! Then Sunday, plan to stay motivated and do some much needed painting here too..... will try to remember to do before and after pictures--maybe we need a log cabin wall painted on the stairway going up to the upstairs bedroom in her dining room???? Hmmmmm. I promise to leave my favorite New England Red paint at home :o)

Off to play flash light with our Libby, she lives for the game at night so musn't disappoint the wonderful Border Collie! More tomorrow, have good nights!

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