Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Welcome to the Homestead Wool & Gift Farm Farm Journal for the latest happenings at our animal friendly farm, full of special sheep and their friends!

If you have found our journal, you have probably read lots about our farm already and our pampered crew! We wanted to set up a place to give a look into our daily lives with some very personable little beings and the wonder of fiber art.... I can never really say which is my favorite, the animals or the joy of a completed skein of yarn?

Or maybe the satisfaction of seeing a filthy fleece wash up spanking clean??? Or pulling a sheep in need of care through a health crisis? I guess I will never really be able to answer that, just so lucky to even have my entire life devoted to the care of our sheep AND a 'job' that is beyond fun!

I am new to the 'art' of blogging so please bear with me as I get used to a new forum. I am hoping it will allow us to share a bit more of our lives, more of the every day here at the farm than a newsletter tends to allow--or should I say I tend to neglect it? I am planning to add a post at the end of each evening, hopefully to add a smile to your day.... More to follow so please stay tuned! I hear sheep fussing about their dinner right now, and a VERY unhappy donkey (Casper) who wants out on the big pasture that is now so green and beautiful thanks to our recent rains..... off I go!


James said...

How fun! So looking forward to hearing more about the pampered sheep and their hired hands the Ryans : )

susan.harnett said...

You site is wonderful. I just love sheep. My niece has a dairy farm and it is so much fun to visit. We feed the new babies and it's like a different world. I love it and I am sure you all do too. I will visit your site often and look forward to reading your adventures.