Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy to the Wooled!

Yesterday I looked outside to see our little Trillium sheep hopping around like a sheep with something caught around her back legs? I about had a heart attack- Trillium was born with 3 legs- and a very short fourth leg that is not useable. Sent the hubby out (in his nice clothes from work) and grabbed a pair of scissors before I raced out there.

Turned out there was no problem with her legs, she was just having fun! I have seen her play, but not jumping up in the air and doing burn outs! She was quite acrobatic for a three legged sheep!

THEN Trillium decided her best friend Molly (our other 3.5 legged sheep girl) needed to get moving and join the fun. Molly was not happy about it but she did do a couple laps of the paddock just to get make Trillium happy.

The sheep are always good for my soul, but yesterday, seeing all that 'joy to the wooled' happy made it seem like the holidays are indeed here.... I adore my sheep. Even if they do give me a good heart attack once in a while!

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Knit 1 LA said...

Kind of like kids! They have the heart attack part down pat?!