Friday, November 04, 2011


Well, the sheep had a fun idea- all in an effort to reduce my shameful stash of handspun yarn.... again. They are really putting their feet down on me..... again. Stinkers! They spent some time in the fiber palace winding up 1 yard mini-skeins of my handspun. I think the skeins are so cute!
We added the skeins as sets on the website- we don't have the link set yet so til we get that done later on today you can find the skeins here:

You will receive the exact skeins pictured in each listing. Each skein includes at least 10 yards (bulkier weights) and up to 20++ yards in others. A fun Crazy Quilt gathering of sampler yarns the sheep think would be great for trim work, felting, doll hair and Hexi Puffs. (yes, they are hooked on Hexi Puffs now!)

Happy weekend everyone, hope you will stop by and say hello- smooches from the fruit loop sheep!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful skeins, Sandy! What a great idea! :)