Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Welcome to the family!

This is another sweet Romney sheep who retired here from our friends the McNair's famous flock! ;0) Her name is Foon and she is related to the other Romneys in our flock. Squeee! She is still a little confused, she lived her whole life with McNairs so being uprooted can be stressful. Her new friends, Curly Sue, Bettis and clan were glad to meet her and welcome her. She has a coat on to keep her wool nice and clean.

This is Foon with her twins last spring- aren't they adorable? McNair's llama keeps a good eye on everyone too- that llama is amazing- she is over 20 years old! We are so happy to have Foon here, she loves a good chat, scratches and of course a little grain for supper. Thank you Ruth for letting Foon retire here- we adore her AND you!

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