Friday, July 20, 2007

What's new sheepy sheep, wo wo wo oh!

Hello all! Here is what is new on the wheel these days! It is tempting to take the wheel and sit outside to spin it is SO nice out! BUT, back to this beauteous wool! This little sheep's name is Lucky and it fits him to a 't'! His friend is Lela and she adopted Lucky as a very sick lamb--and look at him today! She loves him dearly and I am working on spinning his soft fleece, then will be weaving it into a pretty throw to keep Lela warm this winter. Lucky still has a few health issues but thanks to Lela's love and hard work, he is happy, healthy and loving life!

Here is what has been going on at my parents' house! This tree was growing up over the roof of their house, leading them to have it topped off so it would not fall in on them. They were sad to have to do that but left the stump--and for mom's birthday, we all 'chipped' in and had a carver come out and carve the tree for her! It is just amazing and I think she enjoyed the process as much as the outcome! The carver is truly talented and everyone that sees this is amazed! Mom spends her summers as a wildlife rehabilitation volunteer--helping orphan babies grow up just enough to be released into the wild again safely.... lots of little squirrels!!!

Working on a fiber and yarn update--hope to have it done today so keep an eye out and will post again later on! Happy fiber art and sheep!


HollyEQQ said...

I love the wood carving and how cool is that ya'll could do that for your mom.
Lucky sure does look lucky. What a beautiful sheepie.
Back at work today.

Martie said...

What a great idea to have that stump carved! That's just perfect. What a fitting honor to the tree...