Sunday, July 01, 2007

Remember the 'poodle' challenge???

Happy Sunday everyone! A while back a customer contacted me and was so sad because she had felted several pounds of Targhee wool while washing--something we have all done, probably more often than we care to admit!! I asked her to send it to me. When she took the fiber to the UPS store, they made her prove the felted blob of fiber was not actually something d-e-a-d-! eek!

SO the fiber arrived and I popped it into the dyepot and the first picture is what 'happened' there. I then happened to have a roving here that was Homestead mystery wool from our sheep--and it was a perfect match! I spun one ply of the roving with random bits of felted locks and fleece into it, then plyed it up with some pretty copper sparkle thread (my current fav) and some fluffy novelty yarn. Ended up with a boucle style yarn that is soft and fun to knit--which of course I had to do!

I used the odd yardage to create a swatch, that went on to become a purse--complete with a vintage beaded earing for a button closure, AND while I rummaged for the perfect fun items, I found a POODLE applique! Now how much karma can I stand??? ha! I sent a skein of the poodle yarn and a matching skein with out the baubles back with some baubles for our customer to try out--see what can happen with a felted bit of wool??? :0)

You can find more pictures of this yarn and purse--both for sale on our site on the 'more crazy quilt yarn' page....

I just finished up an update that includes unwashed fiber, alpaca, wool, and lots and lots of new yarn! Be sure to come visit our site and happy weekend to all!

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