Friday, July 06, 2007

Progress--lots of it!!

And here we have the newest 'Bandit' in our little pack of pooches! She is a blue merle Border Collie with beautiful bright blue eyes--however, she cannot hear. SO, when our friend offered her to us, we snapped her up to become a high energy friend to our Libby--our 3 year old deaf Border Collie.

Libby was not sure at first about her little 'friend' but now the two are pretty inseperable--although Libby can still outrun her, a fact she likes to rub Bandit's nose in often! Libby is helping me teach Bandit sign language and how to be a good deaf dog. Bandit's 'job' will be to help teach Libby to walk on a leash. Libby has an aversion to collars, if we put one on her, she hides in the closet for days--really! Nothing bad has ever happened to Libby, we have had her since she was 6 weeks old but somehow, the collar thing has just been too much for her to 'grasp'..... Hard to chat with a deaf dog to tell them something is 'ok' when they are scared! Still a silly thing to be scared of huh? :0)

We are working on enclosing our back porch--a little space that will let me have at least a three season room for carding wool, picking wool and relaxing with out being eaten by bugs at night--yey and thank you mom, dad, Barbara and Dennis--the ones behind all the toughest work! We have almost got the outside done, have to get the wiring today and the ceiling fan--more pictures in our next post--promise!

Otherwise, been washing through about 200 pounds of Corriedale wool (white and natural) so watch for that to appear on the site soon!
Hope all is well and that you have a happy fibery weekend!!


James said...

Wow, Bandit is a real cutie. What a great playmate for your other one : ). I was mistaken about Lisa's dog I thought she said it was a bc but actually its a sheltie.

primdollie said...

love the baby pics and hurrah for the new porch and the fan!!!! I know it will be quite grand when all done!!! hope the sign language training and all is going well!! my Hieke gets upset when we take her collar off!!! she thinks she's naked!! (it's a harness!!!) well off to spin more! love ya Linda

doglovergirl said...

I was just wondering how ethically correct it is to keep a dog alive that's both deaf and has problems with its nerve constitution?

For some dogs normal everyday life is too much to handle. I have once had a dog like this, who stressed for every other thing, and I decided that the most merciful thing to do was to give him peace by putting him asleep as he was about 3 years old. I've never regretted it, it was the right thing to do. I've never had a dog like this since.

It makes me really upset to see suffering dogs that are kept alive just because people are selfish and aren't able to make the decision they are supposed to. People have to do right by dogs, by all their pets.

Martie said...

I love Bandit! What a sweetheart! We had a deaf cat for 14 years and he was such a special guy...on the collar...perhaps you should contact Caesar Milan (the Dog Whisperer) and see if he'd come and do a show at your house? He always makes those problems look so easy to solve!