Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Spinning Wheels Need New Homes!

The sheep are selling a few wheels out of my 'stable'! Both are listed on the website so please visit them for the full details. 

This is one of my favorite wheels ever but I don't spend much time spinning on it- I run out of time for all the things I want to get done in a day... It is a Rio Grande wheel in like new condition. Here is the link to our site for the wheel:
And the Rio Grande's company website- lots of good info about the wheel here:

My Kromski Symphony wheel I purchased as a barely used wheel some years ago. It has a few minor scratches (character) but is ready for a new home where it will see miles and miles of yarn spun on it! Here is the link to our site for complete info:
And more Kromski info here:

If you have any questions please email us at the farm email- ! 

Hope you have a safe, happy and fun Fourth of July!! Smooches from the sheep! 

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