Friday, July 27, 2012

Did you know?

Avi said NO don't tell! Sorry sheep! The sheep love designing yarn. Did you know they also love to sit and string beads and such to include in the yarns? 

 This is Pixie Forest- from our Pixie sheep- snazzy!
 A blend of our sheep's wool that includes a ply of 'sheep strung' bugle beads from my grandma's bead box...
 Another 2 ply of our sheep's wool that includes sheep strung tiny metallic glass beads...
That's right Pixie- the secret is OUT! Don't look so shocked girlie! 

Hope you are all having a happy Friday- watch for the sheep's update Monday afternoon ok? Smooches from the sheep and chow for now!

1 comment:

Jan Conwell said...

Awesome. I love the sheep. They're beautiful.