Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flaash Mob?? Really Sheep???

Did you hear the news??? Phoebe is busy telling everyone about the sheep's flaash mob last night.. she is such a tattle tale! 

I was happily spinning yarn in my office around 9:30 last night. All of a sudden Bobbi was barking in the window at me- I almost had to change my drawers she startled me so much! I laughed and asked Jim to put her back in with her sheep. Turns out the entire group of Bobbi & Andrew's sheep- 65 to be exact- were gobbling up anything edible in the front yard??? Oh smack! 

So who let the sheep out?? Chaquita llama said "don't look at me!!"

I went running out, scooped up a few rocks and my emergency bucket. In the mean time, sheep had wandered on to the road- we live on a very quiet road but of course a car came over the hill at that exact second? My heart stopped for a few beats. The fellow driving turned around and since the sheep are not fond of lights at night, they headed back to the driveway. The driver did not stop for us to thank him- we so appreciate the kindness of some one we did not even know. 

We are lucky our sheep are so food driven- they fall for my rocks in the bucket every time! ha! I called the sheep, rattled the bucket and walked back into the pasture. Simon goatie and Dalai Llama (his dirty self pictured above) led the sheep back to the pasture and went running past me. As did all the sheep, except one. Miss Penny. 

Even though she is all grown up now, she is still a small sheep and she rubs on the fence. She probably found one little hole and all of them were off to the races. Nothing is more fun for a sheep than getting out and having a romp. Thus the flaash mob! I am betting Penny started it and I had to catch her so she was also the last sheep in. Stinker. 

And you can see how the sheep must have looked? This is a day time picture of the 'innocence'- say whaaat? Sigh. SO cute. 

The next thing I did was take the flash light out to make sure every one was back where they belonged. I am extra paranoid at night. My escort was our gigantic goat Simon. He would be a fantastic seeing eye goat. No really! He is my guide- he came along with me to count the sheep. He insists on walking with me, and I have to have my hand on his back or he will walk and push me off the trail. He takes his job quite seriously. And of course he denied any part of the evening's activities... 

Bobbi & Andrew got many many treats- Bobbi for coming to find me and Andrew for staying with his sheep. They were so proud- running around like a couple of  puppies when the drama was over!

So once again I find myself beyond thankful for 2 Great Pyrenees dogs, a llama and a ginormous goat named Simon.... the most dedicated guardians of my very naughty sheep. And my Jim, who has the patience to put up with every one of us! 


Taos Sunflower said...

Love the bucket of rocks trick! What a great story. Nice driver who turned around.

Jan Conwell said...

Holy cow (er, sheep) what a story! It must be amazing to live w/ all your critters, bovine, canine, and all. Glad it turned out okay!

Linda said...

Oh what a wonderful picture of such an eventful evening!!! I'm sure these critters are as thrilled to have you and Jim as their people as you are to have them as your critters. Thank you for my first good chuckle of the day!

Elaine said...

Nothing like a little excitement to liven things up!!