Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sheep on the Runway????!

No, the sheep have not escaped and caused a scene! (although the thought of being on the runway has caused some new ideas with the sheep- not all of them good-gotta watch the keys to vehicles!) Last fall, designer Kristina Phelps purchased natural colored roving from our Sophie, Louis and a few others.
She wove the roving onto a dress form, and spent HOURS hand felting the roving perfectly in place....
She designed this dress exclusively for a large show in Texas- that included hundreds of entries from other designers. Her dress was chosen to be included in the runway modelling - only a few out of the hundreds were chosen!
So there you have it- a new place for the sheep- Sheep on the Runway! tee hee! Thank you Kristina for sharing your success and beautiful fiber art!
Updates on the site Mon/Tues, hoping for an update to Etsy this weekend too, HOWEVER, the sheep are tired out- from watching US stack hay in the barn.... go figure!

(PS- Thank you for all your kind words Graham from England! They mean the world to us and hope you will stop in again- or any questions I am happy to answer- just email!!)


Taos Sunflower said...

That's brilliant!! I love it. It may not hit Macy's (like I'm one who'd know...) but if things fall on hard times, we know whose farm to raid for winter clothes!


Sandy & the sheep said...

Isn't that fun? I don't always get to see projects like this using our fiber- I never saved the picture I got from a costume designer in Milwaukee- an ice princess costume with our white roving- it was spectacular! I can live vicariously through them right? ;0)

MyMixMix said...

I am so impressed with your sophisticated sheep. Better watch them or they may run off to Paris or Milan.

Sandy & the sheep said...

Hi Monte! The only way you would pry those sheep THAT far is with a gigantic promise of never ending FRUIT LOOPS!!!! tee hee!