Friday, July 17, 2009

Klondike Bars and updates?

Ok, insert here the tune from the Klondike bar commercial, substitute the words: what would you do-oo-oo for a felted fleece??? ;0) Below you see the results of some malfunctioning projects- and have to admit, the first was MY fault, the second was Ross. (sorry kiddo!)
The top of the picture shows a scary, hula hoop sort of being that I knit (my own apparently awful patern) in an attempt to create a tote bag for Humphrey the camel's mom Cindy the teacher (if you are reading this Cindy, read no further, unless you want a giggle!). I spun up a yarn that was one ply of Humphrey's camel fiber, blended with his llama buddy's fiber. Then I plyed it up with wool from our own sheep to be sure it would felt 'properly'. (and keep in mind, I am a very very novice felter ok? please?) I was pretty sure by the time it hit the felting steps that I had not knit a very viable tote, but in my 'classic' style, sent it through anyway. OOPS big time! NOW I have to figure out how to fix this, or Humphrey might disown me! Sorry Humphrey! It can't work as a totebag, even cut and sewn, it is heavy, hairy and she would look like Humphrey had indeed come to work with her.....
The lower dyed fiber is oh, about 6 + pounds of Jacob's coated Coopworth wool that I washed and dyed. I asked Ross to spin the water out of the last rinse and guess what? He put the lid down on the washer. Gaaaaaah! SO, stay tuned, nothing we can't fix right? Kind of excited to see what kind of yarn you can spin with felted locks- boas?? ;0)
Still lots of fun fiber from the update on Wednesday so be sure to browse our site, and the sheep's etsy shop! Off to spend the night at my parents and see the Midwest Fiber & Folk fair so toodles til tomorrow- happy weekend!

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