Friday, September 15, 2006

A little sheep and his pile of 'leaves'!

Our little Frasier sheep was an orphan this spring at our friend Graham and Margaret's farm. His mom passed away when he was very little and he is still VERY little--about the size of a --oh-- cocker spaniel? And he is now about 6 months old! He is the sweetest little sheep and has a much bigger attitude than his size! He loves to have fun and bunks with our old babysitter Kelly, who needs a slower paced bunch of sheep due to an injury in her past (before she came here) that has left her arthritic and sore. She is older and prefers to watch over our lambs so Frasier was a perfect fit for that tiny group.

Frasier is a cross of a British Suffolk and a Blue Face crossed mama so we really do not know what type of fleece he will have--just beyond cute for sure! His favorite trick right now is to play 'king of the hay bale' with his friends Brenna the Corriedale lamb and Miette, our baby Angora goatie. It is a mad dash as we carry the bales through their pen to feed all the sheep on that side of the barn. As soon as we put the bales down, Fraiser launches to be the first on standing on top-- often trying to do that while we are carrying the bales too!

The other morning, he made a leap onto the bale but I had removed the twine already--resulting in a very confused little sheep! He fell in! Now it is his FAVORITE past time in the morning, really reminds me of a little boy with a fresh pile of raked leaves--remember how fun that was? He is quite a cutie and if he wouldn't take such offense, I would love to keep him that small and have a house sheep! hahaha! Good thing he still likes to snuggle with me right? Off to sleep for a while, one more show this weekend, sounds like Sunday will be a rain out but tomorrow should be lots of fun--if you are near Monroe, stop in and say hello at Cheese Days!

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