Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Bless our neighbors!!!

We have the most wonderful neighbors--in fact the only ones on our side of this little county road! Mom and Dad are very dedicated to their six children and all are homeschooled with the exception of the eldest who just started high school last year. I cannot say enough about how wonderful these people are, their kids are great, polite and the entire family just enjoys life in the country--and their critters! If you need anything, any time they are right there to help and we so appreciate them all.

I am mentioning them today as people I admire for a number of reasons, but in this time of high gas prices (which elevates animal feed prices), they have adopted four older horses to give them a total of 6-- almost enough for them all to trail ride together! The horses had been outgrown by their former family and were too much work for the parents to handle on their own. They needed a home and are lucky to be retiring of sorts on a 15 acre pasture, with lots of people to brush them, take care of them and just love them always.

Two are older than 22 and needing some special care to get back on track but the other two are around 10 and seem to be doing very well. They join two other horses who we love to see go by--one reminds me so much of my old Crissy horse....

They rescued a little donkey this past winter who needed desperate attention to his poor feet and months later, they just got the word from their shoer that he was ok to start riding again--the kids are elated and oddly enough, so is that donkey! He loves attention and follows those kids anywhere! Grateful?

Anyway, we are lucky to live near this wonderful family who has opened their farm to some needy critters--again! There are hard times forcing some tough decisions in the farm/animal world and we are seeing a big reduction in sheep flocks in the area too as hay prices sky rocket.

We are getting ready for our last two shows of the year so if there is something you don't see on the website right now, always email! I am so behind I don't know if I will ever catch up!!!! ha! Off to visit the sheep.....

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sandi I am a friend of Gayles and as it happens also a long time friend of your wonderful neighbors..They have some of the same comments about you and what you do..They have been in my life for 26 years and I love each and everyone of them dearly..I just talked to Gayle who forwarded your web site and we talked about people like you and the Calaways and it came to me that You are the people who God puts on this earth to say the world should go on..God Bless you Barbara Friedman