Saturday, September 30, 2006

Introducing our new yarn!!!!

Today we are so happy to announce a new yarn you can find on our website! This is our FRANKEN YARN - Bwaaahaaaahaaahaa! It is the combined spinning soul of two good friends-- one being yours truly (a truly sassy spinner) and the other my friend James (aka Dr. Franken Fiber as he is known for his wonderfully cool batts!)--who lives so far away in Virginia! We each spin up a fun ply of yarn, then send it to the other to be completed with another ply of our own choosing and fun. It is so fun to get the yarn in the mail to see what he has done with it-- and then of course we each keep half to knit, weave or sell. A long distance spin-in of sorts!

This is not a new idea, actually I think the first people I saw doing this were our friends Angela and Reenie of with their Ying & Yang yarns.... Thanks for a great idea you two!

We will also be offering new yarn called Peas in a Pod yarn, created by me and my good friend Carolyn of Michigan. I am on the hot seat with this offering as Carolyn's single ply is sitting here waiting for me to decide what to spin with it! Watch for more yarns as we get them spun up!

Hope you are enjoying some nice fall weather--it is great weather for sheep!!!

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