Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Free at last!!!

Bobbi and Simon wanted to know if Lincoln could come out and play today?

Today was warmer, sunny and Lincoln just could not contain himself. SO, I dropped his leash when we were working in the sheep pasture. Here's what happened!

A happy game of racing around the hay bales- game started by Bobbi! 

Snow Angels!

Shakin' things up!

Love love love LOVE snow!

Tired out and ready for lunch- and a nap! 

It was so awesome to get outside and have warm enough weather to let Lincoln rip. I have no idea how long he was chained but I am guessing a long long time. He is familiar with the pasture now and already checked out the patrol perimeter. By the time I finished puttering in the barn, Lincoln ate all his lunch and was sleeping in his bed already. We can't leave him loose unsupervised with the sheep for a while but we certainly will have a great time watching him re-gain his confidence. 

Bobbi is re-gaining her confidence too. What a gift. She's aged so quickly since we lost Andrew. Seeing her initiate play games and look happy made my day even better. 

These are the days I live for! 

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