Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Joy to the Wooled!

Yesterday I looked outside to see our little Trillium sheep hopping around like a sheep with something caught around her back legs? I about had a heart attack- Trillium was born with 3 legs- and a very short fourth leg that is not useable. Sent the hubby out (in his nice clothes from work) and grabbed a pair of scissors before I raced out there.

Turned out there was no problem with her legs, she was just having fun! I have seen her play, but not jumping up in the air and doing burn outs! She was quite acrobatic for a three legged sheep!

THEN Trillium decided her best friend Molly (our other 3.5 legged sheep girl) needed to get moving and join the fun. Molly was not happy about it but she did do a couple laps of the paddock just to get make Trillium happy.

The sheep are always good for my soul, but yesterday, seeing all that 'joy to the wooled' happy made it seem like the holidays are indeed here.... I adore my sheep. Even if they do give me a good heart attack once in a while!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The coats are on the coats are on!!!

Sunday we got the last of the sheep all stylin' their new coats! This is Jolly, he was not sure about things at first but now he is pretty proud of his winter look! It was quite a morning with the sheep Sunday, they love to play 'tag' and we get tired faster than they do. Jim and Ross took 'one for the team' too. (they are fine though). Jim was going to catch one of our big Romney sheep and the sheep decided to do the zig and zag. He managed to almost get past Jim, who would not let go so got dragged along a little! Eek! Jim was pretty determined so he ended up hanging on and a coat was added to that silly sheep!
Ross (son) had quite a fancy event- he was working on catching a very small Romney (Violet). She must have caught my 6'4" Ross just right because he went air born and even did a few flips before he hit the ground? Very acrobatic! We all had a good giggle and decided we need video cameras. One to catch us all and a sheep cam- that must have looked pretty funny to them. I think I heard them laughing- stinkers!

This is my Piper sheep- doesn't he have the cutest face ever? He loves me best, always has and loves a good smooch and hug! Mind you the sheep are not agressive in any way. When they play 'tag', they are just determined not to be caught. We only have this issue with our sheep who are not as tame as the rest of them.

This would be one of our Shetland sheep Claire. She and her Shetland buddy Bram would NOT come in even for grain Sunday? Whahaat? We'll be fixing that situation when the hay is brought over tomorrow. The sheep are very single minded when it comes to food. That allows us to lurk and sneak in on them- that will let us get their coats on them- again. I see Spirit managed to ditch his too? Never a dull moment!
Hope your week is going well and thank you for stopping by- be sure to sign up for the new Coats for Sheep newsletter at the top of this page ok?
Chow for now peeps!

Friday, November 04, 2011


Well, the sheep had a fun idea- all in an effort to reduce my shameful stash of handspun yarn.... again. They are really putting their feet down on me..... again. Stinkers! They spent some time in the fiber palace winding up 1 yard mini-skeins of my handspun. I think the skeins are so cute!
We added the skeins as sets on the website- we don't have the link set yet so til we get that done later on today you can find the skeins here: http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/shop/mini_skeins.htm

You will receive the exact skeins pictured in each listing. Each skein includes at least 10 yards (bulkier weights) and up to 20++ yards in others. A fun Crazy Quilt gathering of sampler yarns the sheep think would be great for trim work, felting, doll hair and Hexi Puffs. (yes, they are hooked on Hexi Puffs now!)

Happy weekend everyone, hope you will stop by and say hello- smooches from the fruit loop sheep!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Welcome to the family!

This is another sweet Romney sheep who retired here from our friends the McNair's famous flock! ;0) Her name is Foon and she is related to the other Romneys in our flock. Squeee! She is still a little confused, she lived her whole life with McNairs so being uprooted can be stressful. Her new friends, Curly Sue, Bettis and clan were glad to meet her and welcome her. She has a coat on to keep her wool nice and clean.

This is Foon with her twins last spring- aren't they adorable? McNair's llama keeps a good eye on everyone too- that llama is amazing- she is over 20 years old! We are so happy to have Foon here, she loves a good chat, scratches and of course a little grain for supper. Thank you Ruth for letting Foon retire here- we adore her AND you!