Thursday, February 07, 2013

Sleepin' outside??

We have some very postcard pretty snow for now! The sheep have been sledding, making snow angels and having snowball fights. Most of which involved me as their target too. (Good thing they are so cute right? ha!)
They must also know sleeping outside in the snow is something that makes me cold- and crazy? I know they have tons of wool so they do get too warm. They go outside to cool off. Aren't they cute when they look all sleepy- they must be asking why I am outside so early pestering them. And with the camera no less??

However, with such a nice warm barn, camping outside all night long seems a bit extreme to me. The sheep tell me it is comfy and perfect though. Stinkers! (I have a nobody gets to be cold rule around here!)

Got Fruit Loops? This is my morning 'receiving line'- waiting for hugs and smooches. Remember last year's bottle lamb Penny? That's her with the two crooked horns walking toward me on the right. She's a grown up now! Still a little smidge of a sheep though. She's being independent again, avoiding my hugs to be sure I KNOW she is grown up now. Good to know Penny- but how about a hug anyway for old times sake?

More of my sheepy line up.... deciding if they should go out for breakfast yet. This is the best way to start a morning. The sheep parade usually doesn't go further than the path from barn to hay bales now. We don't go on our walks because it has been too cold but soon soon- and oh my gosh! It is almost shearing time again?! Already? Eek!! 

Hope you are having a good winter and that the weather is treating you well! The sheep send winter smooches and hugs to you all! (be sure to check out the sheep's website- lots of new knit wear to keep you warm available!)