Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh no you didn't!

Know what happens when a llama looks at you like THIS? (when Dalai Llama looks at ME like this it means no pictures- and I mean it!!). For others he needs a sign that says, 'if you can read this- you are too close' to him or his sheep- RUN!
This is what happened when Bobbi didn't listen! Silly girl! She works together with Dalai watching over the big group of sheep but sometimes they both want to soak their toes in the kiddie pool- and are not good at sharing or taking turns!
She was pretty happy with herself though. I swear Pyrs are happiest when they get as dirty (spit on) as possible. It is amazing how white they are a few hours later? Must be some magic coat they have. :0) 

Lots and lots going on around here. Not in the way of grass growing though- or hay. Second drought in a row? Really? Phooey. Otherwise, lots of fibering and wool work going on, new update will be ready late tomorrow or early Tuesday. Stay tuned! Sunday night smooches to all of you!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

We get by.....

.....with a little help from our friends....

It's been a little humid this summer! When it is a little uncomfy for the sheep this is their favorite spot to stay cool. They lean up against the stone/cement foundation of our old dairy barn- now the sheep barn. We keep fans on 24 hours a day for them and all the windows open to catch any breezes. Aren't they cute?
It's been cooler almost fall like weather lately so the sheep are out hiking a good portion of the day. They are starting to grow their wool so thinking winter (gasp) can't be too far away? Hard to know how to plan any more based on seasons. Also means it will be time to put the sheep's coats on soon! Squeee! Clean wool for EVERYone!
The sheep will be adding some new items to the website Monday, hope you can stop on by! They've been washing lots of naturally colored wool for you to dye too. Yesterday's fleece was Lily's Shetland cross fleece. Silky and soft, 4 inch locks and she wore her coat 6 months of the year so very free of debris. Don't miss out!
Hope summer is treating you well- the sheep send smooches!