Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Visitors from afar.....

Have you heard the news??? Pal and Peanut were the stars of the show a few weeks ago! They told Brittany and Carrie all about the farm- and how 'piggy' the sheep are when they eat their Fruit Loops! (Pal is the tour guide pictured above)

The girls left happily packed with fiber- and we thank them so much for a fun afternoon, out in the cold and snow. AND for the giant bags of fruit loops they brought to share.

The very next day, I went out to feed the piggies their breakfast and whaaat? A pinwheel atop their little house? What could it mean???

Peanut explained they had ANOTHER visitor- their hero pig actor Maxwell from the Geico commercials? I knew they held Maxwell in high regards but apparently, Maxwell stopped for an overnight- and left a pinwheel so Peanut & Pal could ride around in the car, hanging out the window going wheee whee wheee all the way home! Better hide the truck keys huh?