Tuesday, October 04, 2011

And then there were coats!

And here is why we are so excited about coats! We started putting the winter coats on the sheep Sunday- we have about 1/3 of them on. Squeeee! This is a picture of Amelia's Cotswold curls before we put her coat on. Ooh la la right? The sheep's fleeces will be awesomely clean when we shear in April- thank you all again. We will be sending pictures to each of the sheeps' sponsors in the next few weeks so you can see how 'your sheep' is doing. They are so stylin'!

This is Miss Amelia- sporting her new coat, toes trimmed and a haircut around her pretty eyes. We'll be watching the sheeps' coats through the winter to be sure they are not too tight, some may need a bigger size as the wool grows.

Amidst all the fashion extravaganza, the sheep managed to post an update to the website too! These are beautiful locks available, and there are many other dyed locks, roving and fleeces to browse!

They also added new handspun yarn- designed specially by them. This is Crazy Quilt Pearls- 2 ply bulky, thick and thin with hand strung vintage beads. The beads reminded the sheep of fresh water pearls. (they are plastic). Hope you will have a chance to visit the site, we will be sending the sheeps' new newsletter out this week too- lots of coat news and smooches from the sheep too!

Chow for now peeps!