Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updates & 2010 Fleece Reservations!

First, the sheep just finished a big update on the website and etsy shop! Go sheep! Lots of new dyed, washed fiber, batts and roving! Happy to combine shipping between the two shops- just send the sheep an email! ;0)
It is that time of year again folks, David the Wonder Shearer will be shearing our sheep early next week- Yeeha! We are taking fleece reservations but please remember, we do NOT sell entire fleeces right off the sheep. I spend hours sorting fleeces so you only receive the best parts of the fleece- and remember, you have to share with me (oink snort)! ha!
Fleece Reservation Information:
1) Email reservations to , all reservations will be first come first served basis.
2) Please cruise the sheep pages to get an idea of who might fit into your project ideas fleece wise.
3) We will be selling our fleeces for $10 per pound.
4) I am THE fleece person here so it takes time for me to sort the fleeces out to my satisfaction. As I get the fleeces sorted, I will email you and let you know what is available from each fleece. You are not obligated to make a purchase, we understand things change, and you are not obligated to purchase the entire amount available. You get first dibs and any left over for sale will be offered to the next person on that sheep's list. ;0)

5) If you reserve multiple fleeces, we are happy to hold the fleeces here and send them all at once to save you shipping dinero, however, we will be billing you for the fleece that IS sorted and ready to go-the sheep always need Fruit Loops- tee hee! When all of your reservations are ready, we will add the shipping charge at that time.

6) Please remember, I love sorting the fleeces out and do take my time. I try to be timely getting your fleeces on their way but again, it is just me getting them ready, and even if I were quicker, it still takes time! I will keep you posted on all fleeces and appreciate you letting us know if you have any concerns, questions or your plans change!

The sheep send you happy smooches- and I am hoping to get some before pictures- we have a few fleeces almost dragging the ground out there! GIDDYUP! Smooches!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Do you have room for my friend's sheeps?? ;0)

Hello all! This is a picture of our very own Baaxter the Romney (he is not looking for a home though!) who is family to my friend's flock of Romney sheep. Most of you are familiar with our Romneys, who all 'sprang' from another friend's infamous flock- the McNairs!
My friend started her small flock out with sheep from McNairs and all are healthy, soft fibered, well cared for and loved. Changing family circumstances are forcing my friend to sell her beloved flock- an incredibly difficult decision for her to make. I cannot imagine having to go through this- I am so sad for her.
A few of the sheep are going to retire here with us, leaving about 25 sheep (most pregnant due in April) left to sell/re-home. Her goal is very very good homes where she will know the sheep are happy and safe.
If you would like more information about the sheep, please email us ( and I will put you in touch with her. This is something she never thought she would EVER have to do so we want to help her as much as possible. If you were ever thinking of a few sheep for a spinner's flock, starter flock or of course, PETS, this group of sheep would be perfect in every way! (no enabling here right? ha!)
Thank you for stopping by and I hope through our Homestead grapevine we can find some peace for my friend and wonderful homes for her sheep.... Smooches....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Skid Marks???

We have so much fun here- truly not all of it things you would want others to see, but things are pretty damn funny! Here is how my Friday started out:
It was beautiful outside so I was cleaning up the yard/pastures as I fed the sheep and family. Yey me! I decided I was tired of the hoses and tank heater debris so unplugged the heaters (gasp) and got out the keep fill device for the big pasture's water tank. Yey me! Dragged the big water tank up the hill to the pasture's hydrant, only to realise that the keep fill did not fit on the edge of that tank. Oh well, dragged the silver tank up, it was filthy, scrubbed it out, and wa-la, the sheep now have fresh water with out our dragging hoses all OVER! Really YEY me! After many sheep kisses, hugs and chats, turned to go back and feed the llamas their grain.
The next thing I know, my feet went out from under me, and I tumbled down the incline- if the pasture gate had not been there, I swear I would have ended up right at our back door! YUK! The only thing saved from my freshly showered self were my Barbara's hand knit socks, which are prized in our house......
I guess I DID get caught though- I looked up (of course not injured) to see all my sheep, Dalai Llama (above) hovering over me, an astonished look on every face. WHAT?! Really Mom?! I think they were either worried about me- but more likely it looked like fun, maybe something THEY thought they should try! bwaaahahaha- and I can just imagine the snickering and giggling that went on as I slopped out of the pasture looking like the creature from the black lagoon!
Our life is a blast-truly-and I have the skid marks to prove it! ;0)

Friday, March 12, 2010

A few good friends.....

We are so lucky to have so many good friends and family of the sheep- more than lucky. The sheep need a favor- we have a few of our friend family who really need some good thoughts right now ok? Today we are sad for Teresa's loss of her little dog, Sara's loss of Roger the sheep, Miranda's loss of 2 of her 3 sheep and Caroline's recent loss of her Dad. Seems it has been such a difficult year already in some ways, and if you are struggling, we are there with you too. Thank you for keeping this group in your thoughts today- I always feel so helpless trying to console someone who has lost a loved one, words are just never enough....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is in a name??

Well, we think fun, karma and magic! Our first ever sheep Woolamina, aka Mina.... (above)

Our Baaxter the Romney sheep......

Our Baab Hope the Lincoln cross sheep....

Our Obama Llama....... (Jenny has a llama named Barack O'Llama)

Our Dalai Llama......

AND, our Cassper Honkey Donkey! My husband is great at coming up with names- our goats are known as the Spice Goats and here are a few names I love for the future (and credit given to anyone I copied them from- just such fun and inventive names!! thank you!)
Assley (Kath's Donkey)
Guardenia (Kath's other donkey)
Don Keyhote (Don Quixote sp?)
Our Vincent Van Goat (lamancha goat with elf ears)
Como Se Llama (can you say llama?)
Humphrey (our camel friend in KY)
Pig Newton (pot belly pig)
And I just saw there is a farm out there named Alpacaholic? Too too fun!
Hope you are all enjoying your week- yarn update planned for this weekend and our regular fiber update on Monday! Hope to see you there and thank you for stopping by! Smooches from the Soggy Bottom Sheep! (raining non stop today? ugh)

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Welcome Home Suzy!!!

This is a new member of the Ryan/Hilton family- Suzy! My parents adopted her from the shelter Mom walks dogs for- what a lucky dog! Suzy really did the choosing though, she 'picked' Mom from the start. SMART dog!
Suzy is a Lhasa Ahpso (sp?) who is about 8 years old. She is cute as a button, and quite a clown, just ask her obedience class teacher! Dad, we can see you behind Suzy- and we also know your secret- that you adore that dog too!!! ;0) Love you Mom and Dad!