Thursday, June 25, 2009

Updates and ramblings....

Well, I am sure you all know I am a rambler-most of you have been subjected to my novella emails by now right? AND generally I can't even use the humidity 'fried brain' excuse either! bwaaahahahaha! Hope you are finding ways to stay cool- we are easily amused so that is a fun one here!
Here's our Dalai Llama, he is tired too! On these hots days, you may not hear from me as often because I worry (who me???? really??) about the critters. The Sandy rule is comfort first so I have to watch how much I disturb the sheep. I would rather they stayed in their cool spot than chase me around looking for treats. THAT said, Monte & Cricket (horses), Casper (honkey donkey) and even the llamas/alpacas love a nice mid day shower- or two-or three! We also play in the water tanks and keep the pot belly pigs cool by filling their self dug swimming pools- they look like little hippos, but they blow bubbles in the water- don't think hippos would stoop to bubbles???? hee hee
The sheep updated the website today with some very pretty unwashed and washed wool- along with dyed and undyed roving.... be sure to take a look about! The picture above is our gorgeous, elegant Dalai Llama's fiber, all washed and ready for a project- he is actually a llama/alpaca cross so his fleece is soft soft soft!!
This is another silver Coopworth fleece from Jacob's flock! It is soft, 6 inch locks, gorgeous silvery to steely grays with the cinnamon tips- and coated so clean clean clean!!
The sheep are also working on their Etsy shop update today! The My Little Pony spin along shawl has finally made its way to Etsy, along with some of Marshall's natural Corriedale single ply- spun on my Krosmki Symphony wheel....
The llamas and alpacas are voting today on which type of sprinkler we will be installing for them to play in- so far the front runner is a 'stand up' sprinkler that is about 3 feet tall and sprays a misty shower.... We'll let you know (and share pictures) when they decide! They sure do bicker a lot! Look forward to hearing from everyone when you have time- stay cool!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rrrrrroad Trip!!

We snuck away Saturday and wait for it....... remembered the CAMERA!!!! Road trip was on to Graham & Margaret's farm for the day. Giddyup!

What do you think? Was Bobbi (our Great Pyr) telling Speedy, hey, it's ok, I'm here for you.... OR was she saying ssshhhhhhh- it's paaaarty time! (I am thinking party- complete with margaritas and little umbrellas--maybe even a pool boy-um sheep?)

If this tree is not the epitome of determination, I am not sure what is! It is growing right up out of the old abandoned farm silo right outside of Argyle- the little town that is about 10 miles from us. Argyle is also home to our friends at

Holy Batman was that the bat signal??? Nope, the sheep signal that says don't come home yet sheeples! Made it to Graham & Margaret's....

You again? said the sheep

REALLY?? Geesalou-can't get rid of those two people!

Don't care, too tired to get up- been there seen them....

This tree is also determined, the wagon wheel has been there for a looooong time- grown right into the tree base. What a cool greeting at the end of the driveway-over the hills and through the little dale..... ;0)

We went up to try and help figure out their new computer- having some issues that we were unfortunately, not very successful with. But we sure had fun trying- and spending extra time (besides shearing day) with Graham & Margaret is always a treat. While the fellows worked on the computer, Margaret and I strolled in the sheep pastures, chatted on the porch of their victorian farm house/bed and breakfast, and enjoyed the birds in her gardens (which look like parks by the way). The day flew by and before we knew it, time to head home before our little natives got restless.... Bobbi is pretty lenient with the sheep, as long as they let her go to the party- not always a great thing! (for us grown ups anyway!) hee hee

One last look and off to home we went..... Isn't it just heaven on earth at Graham & Margaret's? We adore them!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends of the sheep!

Haaaapy Tuesday everyone! (hee hee) Nope, not sheepish at all about my silly sheep-isms either! ;0) Been trying to get everyone introduced to our sheep's friends- today is Mary & Joseph's turn! (and yes, those are the correct names- cute huh??)
Today I have some wonderful pictures of Mary & Joseph's Angora goats, and one of the two llamas that protect this lovely flock. These are some s p o i l e d goaties! We purchase their fleeces spring and fall- so keep an eye out!

Mary has a few white Angora goats, but most of the flock is a range of colors that is like a spinner's rainbow dream!

This is a new rescue to Mary & Joseph's place, his name is Phoenix. He came from a not so great place and is working on figuring out his new job protecting the goats. He is eating corn from Joseph's hands so that is a great sign! There is one other little mini llama named Casper (he is a creamy white color) that also helps around the farm- MARY, send me a picture!!!! tee hee!

Mary & Joseph are friends from way back and have been through almost everything with us- good and bad. I adore them and am so blessed to call them friends.....

Have the update done for this week so be sure to browse the website and the sheep's etsy shop! More blogging to be done tomorrow- we went on a road trip Saturday to Graham & Margarets! Yeeha! Hope you are all enjoying your day-smooches from the sheep!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Update Update read all about it!

Well, at least picture all about it- tee hee! The sheep and I are running out of words (yes, really-although my mom would never believe it!) so here are pictures from today's update.... pictured above: Blaze Crazy Quilt Batts- Kirk McNair's Romney wool
Pictured above: Posie's Romney cross wool (Kendra's happy flock)

pictured above: Our Gilmore's 'Georgia' Merino x fiber....
The sheep have fun off now and say they are done working. eeps. They did update the website AND etsy so be sure to take a browse ok? Lots of new pictures coming this week from our road trip to Graham & Margaret's place Saturday....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Silence of the Goats.......

Well THAT title sounds sort of ominous- oops! It has been a real rodeo around here- all around us farmers are baling hay. The smell of fresh hay wafting about the countryside drives our goats batty. Truly freaking batty. For example- today I got up, looked out my window to see the 5 goats, 1 sheep running around on the road- with a crazed llama threatening to jump the fence to be with her goofy flock. OMG.
Got them back where they belong, fed them breakfast and all was quiet.... I spent lots of time keeping an eye on them- and all of a sudden, THREE GOATS and A GIANT SHEEP on the lam? I called and called, rattled the food bucket with corn- no answer. Went out traisping around the hayfield with the Gatormobile, no critters in the hayfield. Back home, took the truck around the block- no critters. Got out of the truck, and wow, there was Phoebe (pictured below in her favorite box) running around the pasture to see what I was up to. Took my little pail of corn up and oops, there came the gigundo Sonny sheep, and the two missing goats- OUT OF THEIR FLIPPING HOUSE-the last place I would have looked-obviously. I think they need hearing aids. Right after I give them a talking to about no so funny hide and seek-or maybe hearing aids first? I can just hear them snickering away out there.... grrrrr.
SO, the goats had a party on me- Sonny is not so, well, forward thinking, he was just along for the ride. He has a lot to learn about being a goat! I hope my afternoon is a bit quieter- have SO much update work to do- and at this point, the update is moving to Monday (PROMISE IT WILL BE MONDAY)- and I personally thank you for your patience- life is a rodeo at the Homestead. Is it a full moon? Have to check- no goatie fruit loops tonight- turds. ;0)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Random thoughts....

Hello all! Some regular old barn cleaning went on yesterday that got me thinking.... Follow me here.... (not often I can post a blog about poopy humor!!!) yey! OH, and mirror mirror on the wall, who is cleanest of them all???
CLEAN Ranking? (must say, top of the dirty list) Definitely not too worried about keeping their house clean-leave that to the people....
Clean Rating? Well, let's say a step above the sheep-they pick one spot, INSIDE-even though there are acres OUTSIDE? Again, we have people for that....

Clean Rating? Right up on top- second from best! They pick an OUTSIDE spot and that is IT. Hooray for fertilizing and recycling- and llamas/alpacas!

Clean Rating? The blue ribbon of clean goes to my little pot belly piglet boys. The do not allow anyone (humans included) into their house. They do not make messes in their house, AND are the only animals on the place that mow their own lawn better than we mow ours, AND (drum rolllllll) clean their own house! Who knew pigs were so clean huh? ;0)

Now that you know more than you need to about poop, thanks for stopping by! Wonder what we will think of next for blogging? (don't worry it will be woolie happy related!) Fruit Loops for everyone!

PS-someone suggested we up the Fruit Loop treats- would that make for more pleasant aromas? bwaaaahahahaha!

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Update, mm mm update!

I am running out of words- yes yes, I can hear the gasps of disbelief from here! ;0) Pictures and a web update for today! Pictured above is Olive's Romney wool from Kendra's pretty flock....
Suri Alpaca fiber blended with our clan's Romney wool, carded into a very pretty roving- called Grandma's Lilacs..... (pictured above)
Our Lucy's Targhee wool (pictured above) Gardenias!

Our Holly's Merino x wool- unwashed.....

AAAAAND, coated Coopworth wool from our new friend Jacob's animal friendly flock! We also have black/silver Coopworth on the site- this is special coated wool so incredibly clean and free of debris- and his price is incredible too- $10 per pound (unwashed).... Yeeha!
Hope you are all having a wonderful week and look forward to hearing from you when you can! Smooches from the sheep!!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

what a week of posts huh? eeps!

Weeelll, sorry for the week of not many posts! Had such high hopes! Shearing season is winding down and lots of great fleeces will be showing up on the site-including our own pretties! Lots to chat about so here goes- bwaaahahahahaha!
Kendra's beautiful Romney wool has arrived! The fleeces are outstanding- her flock started out as McNair sheep so the quality is wonderful- not your every day Romney! They have much softer fleeces than typical Romney fleeces. Kendra's flock features a variety of shades and colors! Be sure to have a look!

Beautiful prime Suri Alpaca blanket fiber from Jen's flock! We will be offering much more of her fiber asap- and look for her millspun yarn (spun at Argyle fiber mill in town) AND our combined blends of roving/clouds!
Cold Valley Jacob fleeces are in from Carl & Becky's flock! Beautiful shades of rare lilac in most every fleece. Soft, very free of debris and the crimp/locks are so cute! Be sure to check them out-you won't be sorry! Definitely NOT your typical Jacob fleeces and they do not hang around here long......

And the wool we have been waiting for- Jacob's Coopworth wool! He is a youngster with a happy flock that lives on the family farm in north central WI. The sheep are coated/jacketed about 6 months of the year- when they start feeding hay in the fall, the jackets go on! Wheeee! The locks are averaging from 4 to 8 inches of soft, shiny wool that will be SO easy to spin as is, blend, dye or? Yee ha! The price is right too- $10 per pound. The fleeces are well skirted/sorted so the wool is only the section that was under the coat.... ;0)
I will be updating the flock guide on our site today so be sure to stop in and read up about our happy, animal friendly flocks we are so lucky to help support! Hope your week is off to a great start! More very soon!! Cheerio- er Fruit Loops!