Monday, May 06, 2013

Sheep shearing day 2013!

Well we are finally catching up on our blog posts! Go sheep! We sheared in early April so thought I would share the story in pictures... 
Andrew the Great Pyrenees was not happy that his sheep have been locked inside over night. I told him it would make things go faster on shearing day and he was not impressed. Andrew is of the firm belief that everyone has a place and should always be IN it! (in this case- outside).
This is a picture of our neighbor's dogs. They showed up to visit the night before shearing. We sent them back home with their owner but aren't they cute?? They had an afternoon of treats and sleeping on the back porch and rabbit hutch. I think they heard there was a party going on the next day?
Remember Miss Penny? Our little bottle lamb from last spring? This was her very first shearing. She hid out and came through with the very last group of sheep. Guess the others filled her in by then. 
Trevor the Baby Doll Southdown says, wait, what??
And so it began. Ingrid is feeling sassy and svelte!
This was the scene at the end of the day. By then the sheep wanted their fleeces back. They were chasing me! Simon said 'follow me peeps. I know right where those fleeces ARE!"
Ta-da! This is a photo of half our fleeces waiting to be put away in the safety of the Fiber Palace. GiddyUP! Simon kept trying to pull the bags through the panels while we cleaned up. Stinker. 
By the end of the day Andrew's sister Bobbi was to tired to stay awake while the last group of sheep got sheared. Isn't she cute? By the end of the day we all wanted to curl up for a good nap right on the spot. She's not always a good influence on us.
Everyone found their friends again. They look different with a hair cut you know! 
Another day comes to a close. A good day's work, lots of good work done, happy sheep AND all of us happy peeps who love their fleeces are set to go! Keep an eye on the website ok? We'll be adding lots of new items every week. Be sure to sign up for our email newsletter on the right side of our website pages. 

Hope you have nice, calm weather now and the sheep send many smooches!