Monday, August 24, 2009

Chicken Run--er Chicken Jumpers!

No, the sheep have not lost their marbles, thanks to a friend of the Homestead, they were given a link to the Little Hen Rescue in the UK- who is in need of Chicken Jumpers! They rescue scads of hens from egg production farms, get them healthy, and re-home them. Many arrive with out their tummy and back feathers- thus the need for jumpers/sweaters!
Sooooooo, the sheep want to help them out- and make this a long term knit along (KAL) AND sew along- there are two patterns on the site (jumpers), one for knit jumpers, and one for sewn fleecies! Below are my first two jumpers- the first I made a mistake, so figured some cute hen would like to be stylin (?) with a boa neck line! bwaahahahahaha! I used wool yarn that was millspun, I dyed it a bit ago, and it has been waiting the perfect project...

And this is the second - another stash buster! Woolie and I hope warm for a UK winter! tee hee! I have a third on the needles that is knit with acrylic yarn I found at a thrift store... And how fun to work with buttons from the button box!!

It does not take much yarn to knit one of the jumpers up- and it is a quick evening type project. I have not tried out the sewn pattern but I think it would be perfect for extra pieces of fabric you may have- soft and snuggly fleece? (trust me, they would NOT want me to sew for them- THAT would be a disaster!!!)

As part of our 'chicken jumper/run', the sheep have decided to have everyone send the jumpers to us here, and we will send one big box whenever we have a full one. ALSO, the sheep will credit $1 for each jumper sent in to us that you can use for your next order... Giddyup sheeps!

Hope you think this is as fun as we do- and look forward to hearing from you- you can find this info on our Ravelry site too- and if you have any questions, just email the sheep!! (ps- my hens and even my little ROOSTER are making a case for their own jumpers for winter???? heeelllllpppp!) I told them naked chicken jumpers first! ;0)

Here is the link again for the jumper patterns , and we will be updating the website and etsy shop by Wednesday this week- smooches from the sheep (and all the needy naked chickens!!)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday Sheeples!

Now how is THIS for a happy Monday? Top picture is our Obama Llama, below our Dalai Llama- what camera hams huh? I really doubt they know what day it is- but most days I don't either! tee hee! Obama has some fiber on the website this week- our update was Friday and there are still lots of fun woolies so have a peek!!
The sheep also wanted to let you know about a fairly new shop featuring the creations of Manuela- long time friend of the sheep! Many of her creations, yarn and spinning fiber include fiber from our critter family- she is quite the talent! Be sure to have a look ok? ;0)

Hope you all had a fantastically fibery weekend! Lots of great new fiber coming your way on this week's update- my wonder hubby 'bailed out' the fiber at Argyle Fiber Mill- giddyup!!! I think I even saw some millspun Shetland yarn from our little auburn Vaughan??? Off to play!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Somebody sssstop me!

Truly- save me from myself! Holly has been on a burn dyeing up some gorgeous fiber- including banana 'silk', Teeswater Locks, Wensledale locks, firestar and more more more! These are all fibers from her website at and you better have a look (and a shop) before the sheep cut loose with some shopping of their own!!!! Off to ponder the fiber- bwaaahahahaha!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Where are youuuuuu, oh Princess of Poooop??

Yes, we have been scooping poop- and doing some major reclaiming of our yard this past week- hubby was on vacation- bet he will be glad to get back to work! bwaaahahaha! Princess is still looking for her tiara and any time I broach the subject, the sheep just fall down laughing? That's gratitude for ya'! In the mean time, have updates on the website and etsy so be sure to take a browse ok? ;0)
Top photo: Sabella's Jacob wool (unwashed)
Second photo: Sevila's washed Jacob wool
(Both that rare Lilac color!)

Pumkin patch 'set''- wool and suri alpaca dyed in the same dyepot!

Ebony's Romney wool (Kendra's happy sheep)

Princess of Poop, over and out for now!!