Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aaaand it's an update!!!

The sheep updated the website and etsy shop with lots of gorgeous dyed locks, washed locks, natural and dyed roving too!
Frosty's Sun Comet - http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/
Piper Blues (our Piper Romney) http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/

Our Riley's 'King's Treasure' (Shetland/Merino x) http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/

Rhubarb Patch Roving (our Romney clan) http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/

Tuxedo Roving #3- http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/ and http://www.crazyquilthomestead.etsy.com/

Rare Scotch Mule Sheep Roving! http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/ and http://www.crazyquilthomestead.etsy.com/

Our Morgan's Tunis wool/alpaca fiber roving blend! http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/ and http://www.crazyquilthomestead.etsy.com/

Our Samuel's Washed Romney wool! http://www.homesteadwoolandgiftfarm.com/ and http://www.crazyquilthomestead.etsy.com/
The sheep are keeping the dyepots a smokin' and the wool a washin' so be sure to browse this week's update- they are already working for next weekend! Smooches and chow for now peeps! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rescue Me.....

One day, a long time ago, a little red horse found her way into my family and stole our hearts forever. She was six months old, an accidental baby that nobody really wanted. They would never DREAM of showing an Arabian/Quarter Horse cross. Ugh. Long story short, Charisma (Crissy for short) was offered to my parents- to give to me. Mom was not so sure, only because she knew who would be driving me to the barn every day. Dad PROMised to help. He did, but most days it was Mom, dropping off an often cranky 11 year old to let Crissy work her magic. She tells me I always came home happy, tired and of course smelling like horses.
Crissy went on to be a great show horse, tolerated pictures at Christmas time with my gloves on her ears for antlers and my endless love for just being with her. I am sure some days she was glad to see me go home!
Then along came Diamonte (Monte for short), an Argentine Thorobred who was not having such a great life on a polo team. We purchased him to get him out of the situation and to give Crissy a friend. He was 15 when he arrived. A sweet sweet bay horse with a little diamond of white on his forehead. The two became inseperable friends. When Crissy passed away at the age of 30 (about 6 years ago) Monte laid down near where she was buried and refused to get up, or to eat.
A scramble turned up a cute donkey named Cassper who moved in to attempt to perk Monte up and give him back his interest in life. Cassper was living with a dear friend who graciously let us buy this sweet little donkey). It worked! Cassper has his own set of issues, his mama was shot by a deer hunter when she was pregnant with Cassper. We think the bullet is lodged in his withers, making his back very very crooked. Cassper doesn't let it bother him at all. He has a very donkey attitude, is too smart for his own good and he loves to steal my hats and gloves in the winter time.... I always hope when he takes off with my hat that he will leave me with my hair! ha!
Monte passed away two years ago and was 35 years old. Cassper was very sad and although he did not quit on life, he was lost with out him. THEN, just in time came Cricket- a little throw away horse a friend rescued from a sale barn. I had sworn no more horses after Monte but this little girl's baby pictures looked just like Crissy's. How could I NOT bring her home? We drove with a friend all the way up to northern Minnesota and brought that sick little baby home. Things were touch and go but now she will be 3 and she is a beautiful, healthy girl, who loves her Cassper honkey donkey. (AND still looks like my Crissy-with  longer legs).
This past Thanksgiving found us helping a friend trailer some horses out of a sad situation. Nobody wanted this beautiful, giant paint horse, locked away from the other horses, skinny and possibly pregnant. (do you see a pattern yet?) She is the size of a small draft horse and barely fit into a trailer. She walked right in. We thought she was 20 years old that first few weeks until I tracked down the first owners of Chelsea. Turns out, she is only FOUR years old. Sad in one way that in three years at the other place, she came out looking so old. In another way, four year old with no training is just perfect, she can work with Cricket this summer to be good horses (they are both 'babies' and need some manners- specially Chelsea!) and ready to take us trailing around the beautiful little valley we live in.

These beautiful creatures are my family, each of them came into my life at a time that seemed 'planned' by someone (karma??). I will miss Crissy and Monte forever. I still look out my windows expecting to see them. I do know I see Crissy looking back at me through Cricket and Chelsea's eyes. Each has uncanny habits and quirks that only Crissy ever had.  I find comfort in the thought that some part of Crissy is still here with me.

So, while I may call what I do 'rescue', each of these beings rescue ME, every single day of my life.....

Monday, February 07, 2011

Bears Win! Bears Win!!!

Oh sheepies.... they are insisting everyone watched the wrong game last night because of COURSE the Chicago Bears won. Of COURSE! (the sheep are staunch Bears fans)
Max llama (representing the llama/alpaca clan- who are staunch Packer fans) - oh no you DIDn't. The Packers won, weren't you watching the Jumbotron- you hogged the remote ALL afternoon. AND the Fruit Loop Margaritas. (apparently the Fruit Loop Margaritas are only a sheep favorite, Max tells me the llamas/alpacas only like Budweiser beer, since everyone loves the Budweiser Clydesdale stars).
Frosty sheep is just laughing at the llamas and alpacas, STILL this morning? They don't know WHAT they are talking about.... (oh sheepies)
Julia llama is REALLY tired of this. She said when balloons fly over the sheep pasture, MAYbe the Bears will win a superbowl game....
Ooopsie! That has already happened..... hmmmm
Then it was my sad duty to inform the sheep that the Packers had indeedy won the game- after this went on last night til 11 pm. Had to stop. They were looking so depressed and sad when I settled the bedlamb down and went back inside- to bed.

THEN, at midnight, what do I hear? The sound of hubby's Gatormobile being backed out of the garage??? I don't even think they had a designated driver but determined to bounce themselves out of their sadness, the tipsy sheep roared off for some major four wheelin' in the pastures.... I heard them go. Decided I would not go out unless I heard more bedlamb ensue. I also hoped they would not run it around til it ran out of gas, in the back 40. I did not want to trudge out, with a gas can and bring it home- all before hubby found out. Thankfully, they DID bring it back in time, AND parked it in the garage so 'nobody would find out'. snicker
This morning, the sheep are properly tired (aka hung over) and the llamas and alpacas are still lording the Packer's win over them. Andrew is tired, he had to stay up all night keeping an eye on his sheep- he is NOT happy. STOP the MADness- please Mom????
The sheep are stoic, sleeping through all the llama/alpaca teasing though. Let's hope this continues- no more brawling in the barns!
(despite all the hoopla, we have a major update on its way late today (probably this evening) with lots of pretty dyed fiber, roving and yarn- hope you will all stop on by!

Chow for now peeps!