Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Holly just cracks me up!

This is a yarn creation spun by my friend Hollyeqq and her description for the yarn just made me laugh out LOUD! (She DOES have the sheep's spirit down pat that is for sure!)
Here is her yarn description: " If you were a sheep and it was time to celebrate, what would it be for? Did your girlfriend pass her pregnancy test? Did your shepherd leave out the feed bucket? Or did the wolf move on to higher pastures? So, the shepherd has gone to bed, it is is time to boogie and what do those sheepies do? Throw on a party dress and rock the Casba! This core spun bulky single is made up of super duper soft beautiful natural colored grey brown wool with lots AND lots of party materials. Tonight the sheep are wearing gold Glitz, rich magenta sari silk, hot pink wool, a touch of gold lame, and oh so much more. This Sheepie Prom party was sponsored by a Loop Batt!
hehehe - can’t you just see them? All sari silk on their head like hot pink hair and wool minidresses! Dancing around to “girls just wanna have fun” while you are asleep! Wonder what they slipped into the dogs water? hehehe Holly"
What a hoot! SO, maybe we need to install some night vision cameras so we can see all this fun and games ourselves? I swear they do worse than this--bonfires, firecrackers on the Fourth of July, snow angel parties, even a Super Bowl Party? They have more fun than most people do!
Sheep will be updating the site by Monday so keep an eye out! Chow!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Update update, hear all about it!!! ;0)

Awwww, isn't it fun to open with a baby lambie picture?? This baby is no baby now, Molly arrived as a bottle lamb several years ago--she was born during the most bitter part of January that year and her mama could not get her dry quick enough. Molly had frostbite issues when we adopted her, she did end up losing about the bottom third of her back leg.
Molly is all grown up now, and unless you see her walk, you really do not notice the leg issue. She doesn't let it stop her from much, we just have to keep her feet trimmed up more often so they stay comfy. When sheep walk funny, their feet do not wear down as they should--thus the pedicure needs. (no polish please!) Her best friend ever is Keebler, he watches over her and is never more than a foot or two away from her. Keebler arrived the same winter as Molly and he has never given up his job as Molly's protector. They live in a special pasture with a warm run in in the original section of our old dairy barn.

This is one of Molly's Cloud offerings this week--there are several so be sure to browse. She was moody with the dyes so there are brighter colors (like this one- Molly Spunk) and some that are more muted. Her Romney x fleece is soft and silky, long locks that are very easy to spin--she wants to thank you for looking through her fiber offerings! (no guilt there huh? hee hee)

This is our Fletcher sheep. He was one of 12 sheep we adopted through a 150 sheep rescue effort in Pittsburgh PA. Fletcher is a little shy (well really shy) because the sheep were not handled much at all so this has been quite a process to convince them we are 'good'. He will take an apple cookie treat but don't touch the sheepie--he likes his space!

This is Fletcher's roving, he is a Merino x with baby soft wool, long locks and this year we had a surprise, he has moved from a soft pretty ecru color, to a CINNAMON? Wow and how pretty--like opening a Christmas present I swear! :0)

This is a batch of dyed Suri Alpaca clouds-fiber donated by Jenny's flock-they suggest colors long distance.... ESP with the sheep? Nope, I hear they all have cell phones... The Suri was sent to Argyle Fiber Mill (dot com) and the girls did an excellent job of putting the fiber into clouds-- a step before roving- leaving this soft, silky fiber just beautiful and ready to dye--and dye we did when it got back home! The fiber started out natural white, fawn and auburn so the colors should be gorgeous when spun....

Oooh, and now for new yarn! I had SUCH fun spinning this past weekend--this is our new Crazy Quilt Lash yarn! I kept back a handful of every fleece I spun lash yarn from. Then I spun them all randomly together. There is a variety of wool, llama and alpaca fiber in this yarn--just think of the fun this would be in your next project??!! Yum!

And last but not least, Hollyeqq sent me my latest fiber fun--and it was a fiber wizardry package to be sure! You can catch the start of this yarn on our flickr page--and here is the finished yarn--mainly Holly's variety of wool, fabric shreds and more. When I plyed it, I used a purple thread and randomly added seed bead strings.... Eureka!

We already have some great fibers on the stove for next weekend, will shoot for Sunday update but you all know I always say that and it ends up Monday.... I am SO predictable huh? bwaaahahahaha! Better go feed the sheep-I hear lambies calling for bottles and I don't think they want to propose a toast!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

my trip to mom's....

No work for me yesterday- well after chores and errands anyway! Went to soak up some time with my mom (while dad's away, the girls will play you know!). I finally remembered to take my camera, and did I take fun pictures of my MOM? No, so sorry mom-- an old house that has been abandoned for years. Every time I drive by it I think, better get a picture before it is gone. Makes me sad to see the old houses neglected, forgotten, then gone. There is such history--makes me wonder (and want to research) the house's story--who lived there, who built you, why did they leave you like this?
I have peeked into the windows, the floors are not safe or I would have been visiting every room. The woodwork is all intact and it looks like a very long time ago, everyone just left. Very old toys (pre-antenna days) and just lots of momentos. I am a nosey bugger aren't I? I love history and digging up all about where we live--still working on the history of this house but have volumes about our first farm (boohoo still miss you house) -our house there was built in 1848--started out as a dug out. But that is another story, another time.
Now you know I have not only a serious fiber/sheep addiction, but a weird sense of history too.... bwaahahahhahaha! Trying to get photos done for an update tomorrow so keep an eye out, and guess what- changes coming to the blog (duh) so will be fine tuning that too.
Thanks to a sheepy friend Velvet, you can now find the sheep's own group on Ravelry too so look them up--lots of places for your fiber, yarn and FO from their fiber--tell us what you have been up to!! (gotta go, the sheep are ready to move in with the neighbors--they want FOOD!)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Updates and Thank YOU ALL!!

First and most importantly--thank ALL of you for your patience, re-sending your emails and helping us to test the email response on our website! I do not know what we would do with out your help--truly! The sheep send extra hugs this week!
Lots of new yarn in this update--mainly because I was a bit behind (aka lazy) about getting pictures taken! The first two are on the Single Ply page and called Jordan Snows.... A new version of our Crazy Quilt line up.
Next is on the 2 ply page and is a collaborative yarn created by my best friend HollyEQQ (dot com) and I--her Persian colorway and my spinning-- karma all the way around!
Then our Avi's washed locks are avaialble--I have SUCH a lot of wool from her fleece last year--she is a McNair Romney we purchased last fall with her buddy Val. Their fleeces are such a cool color--very variegated from darker silver to almost a white/ghost silver, and some locks have an inch of black at the bottom and most all haver very blondie tips. Very striking and I have not seen too many fleeces like them. Her locks were a bit felted but I spent the time to separate them--each are individual, retaining the lock formation, are washed and ready for tailspinning, spinning, felting and dyeing! Have some fun--the work is already done! (pictured is yarn I spun from Avi's wool--lashes-yum!)
And we are really heavy on roving and clouds this week--hooray for Argyle Fiber Mill and Shari of Morro Fleece Works (dot com)!! I LOVE getting boxes in from both of them--it is like Christmas because in my usual fashion, I do not keep lists of what wool I send out. Too fun to get the boxes back that way! part of my silly charm? :0) Pictured below is our Culley's Border Leicester wool (dyed lilac) blended by Shari with Cotswold wool into an easy to spin pin-drafted roving.....
Next, below is the Robin's Egg Cotswold clouds, our favorite clouds prepared by Argyle Fiber Mill (dot com). I got the fiber back and dyed it up--was surprised at how pretty this blue turned out--was supposed to be a 'jade' color? See how wool just has a mind of its own???

And last but not least, grrrrowwel! Ross has a little black Shetland sheep named Toshi, who has a big Merino sheep attitude! He is a sweet sheep and spends hours romping, head butting and 'playing' king of the hill. I sent Shari some of his pretty fleece (dark black with silver threads) and she pin drafted it side by side with some of our Romney wool (a blend) that I had dyed a pumpkin orange. I see some fall/tigery yarns coming out of the part I kept for me--oink snort! Too too fun, and Toshi wants me to tell you he ain't afraid of no stinkin tiger--he can twirl them around by the tail with one hoof tied behind his back! (snicker-told you he is a dude with a tude!)

SO, be sure to look around, there are lots of new fibers and yarns, the weekend update is full speed ahead with new dyed locks and Crazy Quilt batts--remember if you need something spun/carded or dyed up special, happy to take in custom orders! Thank you again for your patience and cheers!
PS- Cheers to you Sally rescuer of donkeys! Thank you for all the kind words, and for doing what you do--we love our honkey donkey!!!

Ok, need some test emails!

This has not been a fun weekend and we don't like those around here! Makes for crabby yarn bobbins too! ha! (above created by my friend James). If you have a minute and could do us a favor, your sheep friends would really appreciate it! Could you go to the website and send an email from anywhere you see the lamb (email your order to the sheep) or our email spelled out? All we need is to know what page you sent it from too. It would truly help us test out the site and know for sure we have it re-set. aarrrgggh. The sheep are pulling their hair out and that is NOT good--specially this close to shearing time! eek!
I held up the update this weekend, am working on it today, seemed pretty pointless to get it all on there and chance losing it, OR people not being able to order. OH, we also need to know if you are receiving your email to us bounced back to you unanswered.... HEELLLLLP!!
Thank you for all your patience, we could use some of that too--not one of my best 'charms'!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

and the email saga rolls on..... and on..... and on.....gaaaahhhhhh!

Me too Dalai Llama, me too! This is not Dalai's gentlemanly face believe me, we rarely see a mad Dalai! He is sick to death of this email issue we are having--as I am sure all of you are too. Please bear with us--I have changed the email to our 'regular' email so please, if you have email bounced back to you the past few days (weeks) we are still here! The web emails have all been changed and you can reach us (apparently best) through Thank you for your patience and again, so sorry for any inconvenience this is causing.
We are working on an update today, lots and lots of handspun, and woohoo, got a huge box of goodies from the wonderful Shari at Morro Fleece Works! Yeeha! Off to get pictures and will be back with you later today! Thanks for your patience and look forward to hearing from you! Chow!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday update--Giddy UP!

Lots of goodies on this update! Be sure to browse! Crazy Quilt Batts from Baab & Happy..

Baahama Laamba! hee hee!

Our son's sheep Aina has a beautiful honey/silver fleece all washed up for you!

Look at those pretty locks!

Soft and dreamy E.Fresian x wool blended into clouds with Alpaca fiber from Jenny's happy flock---- yum!
Rudy says be sure to check out the dyed wool for his latest offerings AND his unwashed fleece too!
We got a little tired (in sheep talk that means distracted) so are adding lots of handspun yarn tomorrow and Saturday--keep an eye out because any dry fiber will be added in too--plenty brewing around here! bwaaahahahahaha!
**Happy Birthday to Abraham L.- my hero!***
'I am bound to live by the light that I have' (A.Lincoln)

What kind of help do I have you ask????

Not so much today! It is blustery and colder today, Calvin (our Jack Russell Terrier) said he is too old to work much any more, much less in THIS weather??? Mom must be a little cuckoo?? However, the sheep ARE ready to work so we will have an update later today--they promised! Little stinkers have a very large update too so be sure to check back ok? Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A tour of Jordan Valley....

Took a little drive to a friend's farm yesterday and saw some fun buildings--this is the cutest 'Obama barn'! Just out in the middle of a valley, no traffic road and a sign for Obama! :0)
This old old stone house lives in the valley too- not our Jordan Valley but close by over a ridge. Nobody lives there now but I wonder who built this house, stone by stone from the land surrounding it.....
Can someone Genie blink this home for me??? It has lasted at least 100+ years, would love to keep it here even longer!
The house definitely has a story to tell.....
And of course, here is our Sprinkles lamb--all happy and ready to snug in for a nap in the recliner--and where else would a lambie sleep??? He moved into the barn with Kelly Saturday and this sissy farmer cried all day. Ugh. I know they need to be sheep first and mine second but what a jolt to not see him hopping around the house--sleeping on the 'poodle couch' that he stole from the old poodles--we now have a poodle couch in the lamb pen. Will sillies never stop here? hee hee! Sprinkles has a few new friends (Jacob bottle babies) so he is a happy boy.
I have not forgotten the update, have fiber brewing and lots more--the warmer weather has us out slopping through the mud to make sure our water ways are clear and we have no more flooding here--keep your fingers crossed ok? Toodles!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

No email--what DO I do today???

Well, yesterday no incoming email, today not much incoming and NO outgoing email??? Really screws with my schedule--wah! SO, my cutie pie niece Macie says 'put 'em up' TDS! Think she can fix this mess?
Please bear with us, working on the issue and kicking TDS' hiney to get this fixed! Will answer EVERY email asap! Thank you for your patience everyone (something I am very short on obviously....)!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Update--despite partied out sheep!

Fun fun on the update today--be sure to browse! This is our Rudy's Romney x fleece--unwashed....
Our Baab's Romney/Lincoln cross Lilac Waltz.....

Sunburst Corriedale wool......

Our Bender's Romney lamb's wool (dark nutmeg brown) blended with alpaca from Jenny's happy flock for some scrumptiously soft clouds......

Different shades of soft Suri Alpaca from Jenny's happy alpacas--blended together for some gorgeous clouds.....

Our Popeye's washed Merino x wool- all soft and ready to dye, spin or felt....
The sheep are recovering from their Super Bowl activities which I hear involved lots of Margaritas and a megatron on the hill--geesalou, and I was NOT invited.... Oh well, they had their fun and the party sheep were not so into working today--sorry the update is late! We are already working on the weekend update, dyed, washed and unwashed fiber, BATTS and new yarn! Yeeha and giddyup!