Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pigs in the pumpkin patch????!!

Oh my! Not really though! Peanut (pictured) and his friend Pal are our Pot Belly Piglets. They spend their time mowing lawn for us around the house and lawn--do a better job than a mower! Ross snapped this picture of Peanut sunning the other day when the temperatures were just right for a pretty fall day.... Taking a break with our Miss Libby the Border Collie keeping faithful watch for any movement that might require her expert herding abilities (?)! Actually, she keeps a very respectable distance from the piglets, Peanut is definitely king of the yard! He doesn't tolerate silliness like herding.....
We are keeping an eye on our Abrianna sheep, she was very old, missing her front teeth and in rough shape when we took her in this Spring. She has taken a turn of sorts lately in the colder weather but this morning, she was looking pretty spry and begging to go outside. NOT going to happen today, it is windy and cool so she is on strict 'hospital' orders to stay inside, warm and EAT! Hibernate-ha!
Our sheep on the farm sign has more than the moon to jump right now! Jim grew pumpkins so gigantic in his garden we almost had to use a wheelbarrow to move them! Too fun and looks very 'decorated'!
We will be posting new yarn, fiber and wool this weekend so keep an eye out-- been a little behind on work these days so trying to catch up. Just great cooler weather for visiting sheep and being outside getting them ready for colder days. Sun for naps and cool enough that the sheep can sleep outside comfortably so they are not too warm with all the wool they have sprouted this past month. Happy Fall!

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Spin To Knit!!

Have you seen it yet? The new Interweave Press book called Spin To Knit by Shannon Okey features lots of our friends --and a very nice mention of our farm! Thank you Holly, a long time friend of the site who is also featured- and was kind enough to include us in her bio!! You can find Holly at - she is a very talented artist and fiber artist!

The most fun I found about this book is that it features handspun not only as a yarn for an entire project, but also for embellishment. It is a great way to add texture and individuality to your projects with out having to decide on a single yarn for each project. This is great when planning a large project too.

We are working on a bit of an update to the website so keep an eye out--hoping to have it 'live' early this coming week! Happy Fall!!!